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Workplace Wellness

At CGH Medical Center, we work hard every day to help individuals understand—and overcome—their health risks, so they can prevent chronic conditions from impacting their lives. It's work we believe in. And it's work employers can help with by enrolling in our Workplace Wellness Program.

Bringing wellness to the workplace

When companies enroll in our program, we come right to the workplace to educate, inform and support workers who want to build stronger, healthier lives.

We offer a number of resources through the Workplace Wellness program, including:

  • Wellness education. Lunch and Learns, educational booths, a monthly newsletter and more are available through this part of the program. Employers can choose what interests them and their employees, and our team will pull those resources together and deliver them at no charge.
  • Cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure screenings. Our CGH Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator administers tests at the workplace with the Cholestech System—which can assess total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), triglycerides and glucose (blood sugar). The results are available in minutes. These screenings are available for $30 per employee.

CGH Health Transformation Program (HTP)

The CGH Health Transformation program can help you learn healthier habits that may help improve your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol numbers. Our one year program includes classes, quarterly labs, and one-on-one coaching.
Contact Sherry DeWalt at or 815-625-0400, ext. 5716 for more information.
For a printable HTP flyer, click here.

Funded by the CGH Health Foundation

The CGH Health Foundation promotes a lifelong approach to wellness and cardiovascular health. Our interventional health initiatives have a proven record of reducing deaths, increasing health screenings and improving awareness of diseases in the Sauk Valley. The Foundation has raised over $6 million in the past 32 years for local health-related programs, patient services and medical equipment for Sauk Valley residents. Visit the CGH Health Foundation page to learn more.