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Inflammatory and immune disorders can exact a heavy toll. At CGH Medical Center, our rheumatologist understands. And every day, our rheumatology team works hard to help the residents of Sauk Valley who are living with these conditions. If you haven't met our team yet and you've been dealing with the pain alone, we hope you'll make an appointment soon. We can help.

What is a rheumatologist?

When many people think about rheumatology, they think about arthritis, and that's understandable, as arthritis is the nation's most common cause of disability. But rheumatologists can address more than arthritis and other forms of degenerative joint disease. They deal with the entire spectrum of inflammatory and immune disorders that can impact bones and joints, including:

  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Gout.
  • Lupus.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Soft-tissue rheumatism.

The conditions a rheumatologist treats can be complex, and as a result, they often require special expertise. A rheumatologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. With the help of a specialist like this, you can gain control.

How we can help

Our rheumatology team can diagnose your condition, and they can offer medication, joint pain management and therapy options that can help. Since these conditions affect the joints, muscles, bones and sometimes other internal organs (such as kidneys, lungs, blood vessels and brain), your rheumatologist can also perform broad testing and diagnostic work to understand how your condition affects your entire body. And should you need other specialists to help boost your health, such as a cardiologist or a physical therapist, you can also get that help at CGH Medical Center. Your rheumatologist can refer you.

Make a rheumatology appointment

For Sauk Valley residents, the choice is clear: Only CGH rheumatology offers the specialized medical attention you require plus the special understanding and care you need. To find out more about our team, visit our provider directory. And to learn more about rheumatology, visit our health library.