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Diagnostic imaging helps your doctor to understand what's happening beneath the surface of your skin. That's information you can use, as the more you know about a medical problem, the more you can do to solve it.

At CGH Medical Center, we offer high-quality diagnostic imaging close to home in the Rock River Valley. No matter what type of imaging you might need, our team is here to help. And you can rest assured that when you choose CGH Medical Center, you'll work with radiologists and technicians that always put patients first.

Advanced diagnostic imaging services

We offer a number of diagnostic tests, including:

  • CT scans. We have two cutting-edge 64-slice scanners. These scanners produce high-resolution, three-dimensional views. Both scanners are equipped with ASiR—a technology that helps us reduce the amount of radiation we use during your test.
  • CT/PET scans. Combined CT/PET scans provide images that pinpoint the location of abnormal activity within the body, allowing for more accurate diagnoses than with separate CT and PET scans.
  • Bone density tests. The DXA or bone densitometry scanner is a new technology used to detect osteoporosis. The exam is painless, requires no special preparation and generally takes less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • MRI. An MRI is a diagnostic exam in which a strong magnet, radio waves and a computer are used to create multidimensional images of any area of your body. We can do MRI exams with contrast dye, and we can offer medications if you struggle with claustrophobia during the test.
  • Ultrasound imaging. An ultrasound test is painless, and it emits no radiation. It's a quick and easy way to get images of breast changes, heart disease, abnormal organs and pregnancies.
  • Nuclear medicine. Our advanced, dual-head camera follows the path of an isotope injected into the bloodstream. We use this test to detect diseases such as bone cancer, gallbladder disease, lung cancer and emphysema. Test results are available in about eight hours. We can also perform this test in combination with our four-slice CT scanner for excellent resolution.

We also offer digital x-rays, and we utilize digital mammography for breast cancer screening.

All images are generated and stored digitally via our PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). That means your test results can be quickly and easily shared with your doctor or other medical specialists, saving valuable time.

A radiology team you can trust

We have more than 70 technologists ready to help with your diagnostic imaging tests. Our team includes technologists licensed in MRI, CT, mammography, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Should you need a test after hours, we have a registered technologist available around the clock. Our technologists are supported by a board-certified radiologist.

We offer simple check-in procedures, and we'll help verify your insurance coverage.

We're here to help in three convenient locations:

  • CGH Medical Center
  • CGH Dixon Medical Center
  • CGH Morrison Medical Center

If you'd like to find out more about how our tests work and how you can prepare, visit our patient forms and procedure instructions center.