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If you or a loved one experiences a cardiac incident, rest assured that you're minutes away from the highest quality of care in our state-of-the-art cardiac cath lab, where our team of highly trained professionals can quickly and competently locate and repair blocked or narrowed arteries.

During a cardiac catheterization, your doctor will insert a catheter (a long, bendable, narrow tube) into your artery or vein and guide it into your heart. The doctor checks your heart's function and looks for narrowed or blocked arteries.

During the catheterization, the doctor may be able to open up a blocked artery with an angioplasty (balloon procedure). The doctor may also find that bypass surgery or medications are needed.

The CGH cardiac catheterization lab uses the state-of-the-art Phillips Integris Allura—the most advanced vascular diagnostic tool available. Exceptionally detailed images enable physicians to see and work in even the smallest vessels.

Our cardiac specialists have trained at some of the world's most renowned medical centers. Their expertise, teamed with innovative technology, is broadening CGH's scope of cardiac intervention and doing more to help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

For more information on available treatments and catheterization procedures for coronary artery disease, call 815.625.0400, ext. 4800, or download our patient guide.