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Birthing Center


When it's time to have a baby, the Birthing Center at CGH Medical Center is your top choice in the Sauk Valley. Every year, we welcome approximately 550 babies into the world. And we would be honored to help your family.

In our Birthing Center, you can count on comfort, high-tech equipment and skilled professionals—all working hard to support your family during this very special time.

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Your caring obstetrics team

Our highly skilled obstetricians and nurses have been delivering babies for years. They love what they do, and it shows it in the compassionate care they provide.

One nurse will be assigned to care for you—and no one else—during your labor. That's one of the differences you may notice at the CGH Birthing enter. Here's something else you'll notice: We're focused on even the smallest details of your precious moments with us.

In fact, surveys show that families are highly satisfied with the care we provide. That might help explain why they stop by even years later to say hello. Great friendships are born here.

Our talented OB nurses and our team of pediatric and family practice physicians will care for your baby after the birth too.

Looking for an obstetrician or pediatrician?

Check our provider directory to learn about the doctors who will deliver your baby and the pediatricians that can care for your new family member.

To learn more about our birthing center, call 815.625.0400, ext. 5504. Or email us.

Call our OB/GYN Department for an appointment today! (815) 625-4790

Modern maternity suites

Our 10 private, spacious birthing suites feature cozy furniture and walk-in showers. In most cases, new moms can stay in one room for their labor and delivery, plus recovery.

Of course, your partner is welcome to stay with you. Sleeping accommodations are provided. And a soothing whirlpool is near your room to help ease the labor process.

Rooming in with your new baby

We make it easy for your baby to stay with you throughout your hospital stay. We encourage skin-to-skin contact right after delivery so that you can feel your baby's warmth against your skin. This soothing experience promotes successful breastfeeding and is beneficial to bonding. And our trained staff is there to provide breastfeeding support in the first "golden hour" after delivery.

Because of our family-friendly practices, we are a designated Baby-Friendly Hospital. That's a distinction hospitals earn for providing the best possible level of care for infant feeding and mother-baby bonding.

Special services for moms and babies

We also provide:

  • Free prenatal and breastfeeding classes.
  • 24-hour epidural anesthesia.
  • Nitrous oxide for pain control in labor (upon request)
  • Free lactation services by appointment with an IBCLC certified nurse