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Visitor and Masking Information

What are the current visitor and masking restrictions?

As of December 9, 2022, the following visitor and masking restrictions are in place. These restrictions are in place for the continued health and safety of our patients, staff and providers.


  • Masks ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERY PATIENT, GUEST and STAFF MEMBER as we continue to follow CDC guidelines.
  • Other visitor restrictions have been lifted at the CGH Main Clinic and our outlying family clinics.


  • Masks ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERY PATIENT, GUEST and STAFF MEMBER as we continue to follow CDC guidelines.
  • Visiting hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • If you are not feeling well, please do not visit.
  • ONE visitor may stay overnight with the patient as requested.
  • No visitors under the age of 18 (unless approved by the Dept Manager).
  • ALL visitors must continuously mask when entering/exiting the premises (in the hallways, etc) and when the healthcare team is in the patient's room providing care.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient room during the patient's stay or in the designated waiting area while the patient recovers.
  • Special exceptions may be allowed for:
    • Minor children admitted to the hospital
    • Developmentally disabled patients
    • Special circumstances (i.e. dementia, decisional capacity)
    • Outpatient testing patients who need assistance
    • Birthing Center
    • End of life

We appreciate your patience and understanding. CGH remains a safe place for patients. Continue to protect yourself and others by washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

Additional Information

  • If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath *AND* you need emergency care for serious or life-threatening health issues, please do not hesitate to come to the Emergency Department or call 911. If you are able, please call ahead to discuss your symptoms, but we know this may not always be possible.
  • Do NOT stop any long-term medications, therapies or treatments you may be doing. Maintaining good control of underlying conditions is one of the best strategies to avoid more severe coronavirus symptoms.
  • Patients are encouraged to bring and wear your own mask, or one will be provided to you upon entering any CGH location.
  • Patients may be contacted the day before their appointment to pre-register and to receive special instructions for their visit. This may include staying in your car and calling the receptionist when you arrive.
  • Don't delay emergency care if needed! Again, we have many measures in place to ensure your safety in our Emergency Department.
  • We will continue to offer Telehealth visits - a way for new and established patients to see your healthcare provider - or a CGH Ready Care provider for more urgent issues - through a secure video appointment.
  • ALL non-essential visitors are restricted (this includes club/community meetings, groups, outside salespeople and vendors).
  • If you feel you have symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory illness and wonder if you should be tested or be seen, call your provider’s office, CGH Ready Care or the CGH Emergency Room.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For general questions about COVID-19, call the IDPH hotline at 800.889.3931 or email

Please continue to watch our FB page for additions and updates to this information,
or call your healthcare provider’s office with any questions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!