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My Access (Hospital)

My access at CGH Medical Center is a password protected secure website. All messages are encrypted to ensure security. Only people you have authorized and your care provider and staff can view your information.


With the CGH Portal app or our secure online login, you can:

  • View upcoming hospital appointments.
  • View test results.
  • View hospital medication list.
  • Pay bills online.
  • View clinical documents.
  • View procedure history.
  • View visit summary.

Get the app

CGH Medical Center now has an app that you can use to easily connect to our resources. Download it today.

App Store or Google Play

New Patients

How to sign up to use My Access

Discuss the sign up process with the registration staff at your next visit to CGH Medical Center.

Requesting access to your dependent's information

With proper consent, you can see medical records and lab results of family members. Caregivers can manage the healthcare of loved ones privately and conveniently and share with family or other health care providers when they present to our registration office and ask for access. For individuals over 12 years of age, regulations require restriction of medical information. To gain access, the patient must present and sign a release of information in our registration office.

Mobile Apps

CGH Medical Center (Hospital) will soon be offering the opportunity for you to connect to health management apps.

Currently available: None

Currently in development: Apple

If you would like to request a new health management app to share your medical information with please call (815) 632-5248. We will review these requests as they are received.