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You’ve Got a Friend in the CGH Health Foundation!

Foundation news | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Contact: Joan Hermes

The CGH Health Foundation is COVID-19 ready! Individuals newly hurting from the pandemic, whether economically, physically or mentally, can receive help from existing programs.

“We’re here for you, whether you need assistance now or later,” said Dr. Nancy Tran, Chair of the 2020 CGH Health Foundation Annual Appeal and CGH Medical Staff President. “Local individuals, businesses and clubs, churches and organizations make it possible each year with their contributions to give a boost to nearly 35,000 area children and adults.”

“You’ve Got a Friend” is the theme of the annual drive which is now underway. “To ensure this level of relief can be maintained, we are asking folks to jump in with their hearts,” said Dr. Tran, “to spread some goodness and hope into the lives of others. People really do have a friend in the Foundation. It’s been here since 1987, providing access to free to low-cost healthcare for those in need. Now, with our world turned upside down, it’s comforting to know that the CGH Health Foundation already has help in place - help with getting medication, transportation, mental health counseling, mammograms, Phase 3 Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab, eyeglasses, dental care, health screenings, and even scholarships.”

Campaign Cabinet Chairs also include: Dr. Young Song (CGH Urologist, Medical Division); Suzy Perino (Market President/Sauk Valley Bank, Business Division); Amy Downs (Associate Principal/Sterling High School, Clubs Division); Erika Adams, RN (Patient Nurse Navigator/CGH Diagnostic Imaging Department), and Tiffany Marquez (Accounts Receivable Clerk/CGH Main Clinic, CGH Employee Division).

Committee volunteers will be reaching out to ask area individuals, businesses and clubs to consider contributing to the nearly 20 programs funded by the CGH Health Foundation. A $1 for $1 matching grant program to help purchase a new 3D Tomosynthesis mammography system for CGH Medical Center is also included in the project list.

“During these uncertain times, the Foundation will continue to do GOOD in spite of COVID-19,” said Dr. Tran. “With so many unknowns, we need to be prepared. It’s what we do – with your generosity. Area communities have a friend in the Foundation to provide reassurance, comfort and a safety net. Who better to rely on than a community leader that has already successfully bolstered the lives of so many children and adults in need over the past 33 years?”

Please be that friend we can call on – to help people who are down in troubled and need some love and care! Go to to help your neighbors, friends and family. For more information, contact Joan Hermes, Executive Director, at (815) 625-0400, ext. 5672.