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New Brightwheel System a “Bright” Spot During Pandemic

Foundation news | Thursday, June 11, 2020

Contact: Joan Hermes

The new Brightwheel childcare software system, which allows daycare staff to manage students, classrooms, parents and business matters all in one app, has been a “bright” spot during the COVID-19 pandemic for CGH Helping Hands Daycare staff and parents.

The new software has been amazing, according to Mimi Hicks, Daycare director, who extends her thanks to the CGH Health Foundation for funding the $5,144 purchase. “It saves time on paperwork, captures milestones, and lets us share moments digitally,” Mimi said. “Additionally, it allows us to have digitized check-in, instant messaging and meal recording, accident and incident reports, daily reports, photos and videos, and it helps make billing easier.”

“It has been a lifesaver most recently with the virus,” she continued. “With the need to get instant communication to parents about closures, up-to-date information on all of the new guidelines, and other topics pertaining to our daycare at the last minute, it has made it possible for me to get the information out instantly!”

The convenience for staff to enter information every hour of the day on each child has been a huge boost, both in time saved and in happy parents who commented on what a good time it was to get the Brightwheel app. “The instant communication with parents is amazing!” Mimi said. “We are still learning new things every day that we can do with it, but our parents have been very receptive to Brightwheel!”

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