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CGH Recognizes Sunshine Award Winner Matt Dingus

Hospital news | Monday, April 12, 2021

Contact: Rebecca Green

Matt Dingus, a Cardiac Monitor Tech in CGH Medical Center’s Critical Care Unit, was recently recognized as a recipient of the Sunshine Award for extraordinary service. The Sunshine Award was created to honor and recognize outstanding service and compassionate care by those in non-nursing roles, such as CNA’s, CMA’s, or CMT’s.

“I have worked at CGH for more than 16 years in the CCU,” said Stephanie Waller, RN, Digestive Health Center, and Sunshine Award Coordinator, as she read the nomination. “Over the years, I have been at many patients’ bedsides as they passed, but in these last few months, I have seen more death than throughout my entire career. Every night I come to work, I hope that we do not lose anyone but this particular night, I lost two. Matt was asked to interpret for the physician and staff to a family of a patient whose death was imminent. He had the painful task of hearing the words of the doctor, translating them to the family, and listening to the family’s words through their tears and translating back to us. He did this very eloquently with respect to the patient’s and family’s religion and customs. When it was time to withdraw life support, Matt stayed at the bedside with the family and me, showing much regard for all of us. There is always great sadness at a time like this, but the despair of this family will never leave me. These months have been hard; so cruel that I wouldn’t wish them on an enemy. God has given me the strength to bear this duty, but if I was ever at a breaking point, this one was it. After the patient passed and the family left, Matt reached out his arms and we wept in full isolation gear - together. I needed that. I am thankful that it was him there that night to care for this family in a manner I could not but more so as my coworker, friend, and strength.”

If you would like to submit a nomination for extraordinary service that you or a family member have received at CGH Medical Center by a staff member in a non-nursing role, please visit