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CGH Recognizes Sunshine Award Winner, Lyndsay Hodapp, CNA

Hospital news | Friday, July 16, 2021

Contact: Rebecca Green

Lyndsay Hodapp, CNA, Float, was recently recognized as a recipient of the Sunshine Award for extraordinary service given to a patient on CGH Medical Center’s Medical Floor. The Sunshine Award was created to honor and recognize outstanding service and compassionate care by those in non-nursing roles, such as CNA’s, CMA’s, or CMT’s.

Stephanie Waller, RN, Digestive Health Center, and Sunshine Award Coordinator, recently read the nomination as the award was presented: “We recently had a patient with dementia and a new hip fracture, and due to her diagnosis, was unable to remember her fall risk. From swabbing the patient’s mouth to repositioning her numerous times to helping remind her of her fall risk, Lyndsay was very caring, helpful and patient with her the entire time.”

Other nominees for the 2nd quarter included: Linda Baker, Matt Dingus, Ashley Earl, Hailey Garcia, Grace McCullough, Presley Richardson, Dylan Scudder, Christy Settles, Kayhla Shomaker, Kassandra Trickel and Marjorie Wiley.

If you would like to submit a nomination for extraordinary service that you or a family member have received at CGH Medical Center by a staff member in a non-nursing role, please visit