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CGH Medical Center Celebrates Lab Week

Hospital news | Friday, April 26, 2019

Contact: Rebecca Green

CGH Medical Center recently celebrated Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, or Lab Week, in recognition of the lab professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of health care.

Celebrated the last full week of April, Medical Laboratory Professionals Week originated in 1975 and provides the profession with a unique opportunity to increase public understanding and appreciation for clinical laboratory personnel. Most patients and caregivers will never meet these lab professionals in person, although many decisions for primary and specialized care depend on the expertise and advice from clinical labs in some way. In fact, laboratory test results typically constitute 70 percent of a patient's medical record!

“Many of our laboratory staff work behind the scenes, but they all understand how critical the testing they perform every day is in assisting with patient diagnosis and treatment,” said Cheryl Baker, CGH Lab Director. “The lab is a critical component of the outstanding care patients and their families receive at CGH.”

The CGH Laboratory Department has a highly skilled team of 60 technicians, phlebotomists and secretaries at five locations including the hospital and Main Clinic in Sterling, as well as at our off-site facilities in Dixon, Lynn Blvd, Morrison, and Prophetstown. Last year, our lab:

  • saw 67,383 outpatients
  • performed 538,576 lab tests (approximately 1475 per day!) and
  • transfused 1463 units of red blood cells and 58 units of platelets.

In addition, they run approximately 247 blood count tests every 24 hours and look at 300 slides per month.

“Today and every day, we recognize our outstanding laboratory staff who are an integral part of our patient care team,” said Dr. Paul Steinke, CGH President and CEO. “We thank them for their commitment and dedication to providing accurate diagnoses for our patients in the Sauk Valley and surrounding communities.”