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CGH Medical Center 2022 Summer Scholars

Hospital news | Monday, July 18, 2022

Contact: Rebecca Green

CGH Medical Center recently concluded its 2022 Summer Scholars Program - a program designed to provide students in the CGH service area with an opportunity to explore the healthcare field. Over the last two months, this year’s participants had the opportunity to work one-on-one with CGH physicians, while also attending lectures about careers in the healthcare field and rotating between our various medical departments. The 2022 program concluded with a program, where each of the students described the research project they worked on and/or completed while at CGH.

“We congratulate each of these students not only for their academic achievements thus far, but also for their accomplishments throughout the summer,” said Dr. Paul Steinke, CGH President and CEO. “They were all very deserving of this opportunity, and we look forward to watching their careers grow in the healthcare field.”

The 2022 Summer Scholars included:

  • Tori Arduini (Sterling High School, pictured above right) - "Ultimately, I hope to use the knowledge I gain throughout the CGH Summer Scholars Program and eventually medical school to contribute to important research projects dedicated to improving treatments. I am motivated by the possibility of working for the nonprofit organization, Doctors Without Borders. I am inspired knowing that with hard work, I could help make medical relief accessible to victims of poverty, disease, war, and natural disasters. I would be honored to be a part of their mission because I believe public health should be a human right, not a privilege."
  • Andruw Jones (Amboy High School, pictured above left) - "While watching the news (during the pandemic), I realized just how important some jobs were. A physician was one of those jobs. Seeing the sheer importance of a physician and the effect that they could have on someone’s life, I just knew then and there that it was a special job and that I could maybe see myself in that career. Many of my family members are involved in the medical field and seeing what they could do and have done also helped to inspire me to consider even more becoming a physician."
  • Kadence Sheaffer (Polo High School, pictured above center) - "I want to become a physician because I want to improve people’s health and help them feel better. I want to help cure people from sicknesses and any pain that they experience. This career will allow me to help others who cannot help themselves. I want to see the joy on people’s faces when they finally feel better. I want to be the person someone thanks for taking care of them and maybe even for saving people’s lives."