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CGH Medical Center 2019 Summer Scholars

Hospital news | Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Contact: Rebecca Green

CGH Medical Center recently concluded its 2019 Summer Scholars Program - a program designed to provide students in the CGH service area with an opportunity to explore the healthcare field. Over the last two months, this year’s participants had the opportunity to work one-on-one with CGH physicians, while also attending lectures about careers in the healthcare field and rotating between our various medical departments. The 2019 program concluded with a luncheon, where each of the students described the research project they worked on and/or completed while at CGH.

“We congratulate each of these students not only for their academic achievements thus far, but also for their accomplishments throughout the summer,” said Dr. Paul Steinke, CGH President and CEO. “They were all very deserving of this opportunity, and we look forward to watching their careers grow in the healthcare field.”

The 2019 Summer Scholars included:

  • Kylie Babin-Howard (Sterling High School) “After many years of pondering and many life-changing incidences relating to the health of family members, I decided that I want to help people as a physician. I have always known that helping people is my calling, but my love for science and the potential use of my skills was what really pulled me into the doctor idea.”

  • Dulce Lemus (Sterling High School) “My heart has always belonged to the medical field in general. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by family members in medicine, spanning from general surgery to pediatrics and dentistry… I believe that as a physician, I am able to reach out and touch those that are patiently awaiting care.”

  • Morgan Mandrell (Rock Falls High School) “In my opinion, the best part about being a physician would be that physicians have the rewarding satisfaction of treating patients. When a patient is sick, the physician is the one who has to help return their patient’s life back to normalcy; therefore, the physician is responsible for the well-being of all their patients, and this would give me the best satisfaction as a healthcare provider.”

  • Zaina Rumbolz (Sterling High School) – “From as early on as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with the functions of the human body and health care. I believe that combining an aspect of my life that I love and enjoy with something that I am passionate about and inspires me is the best decision I could make for myself in determining my future obligations of becoming a doctor/surgeon.”