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Celebrating Our Certified Nurses

Hospital news | Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Certified Nurses Day recognizes registered nurses who have pursued additional specialized education beyond the training required for their daily jobs. The dedication of these nurses in advancing their knowledge, skill, and practice directly benefits all of our patients and their families.

Certified Nurses Day™ occurs every March 19, the birthday of Dr. Margretta “Gretta” Madden Styles, RN, EdD, FAAN, one of the greatest leaders in the field of nursing certification. She recognized the critical importance of credentialing before broad awareness of its value and her work created global impact on the nursing profession. Dr. Styles architected the first comprehensive study of nurse credentialing in the 1970s. She then pioneered the development and implementation of standards and credentials for nurses.

In the 1980s, she spearheaded the definitive work of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) on nursing regulation. A driving force behind the creation of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Dr. Styles advanced nurse certification services and programs across the US and abroad.

On March 19 and every day, we celebrate and are thankful for our nearly 150 certified nurses who work throughout our hospital and clinics in all nursing capacities.

Ambulatory Surgery

Elizabeth Accardi, RN, CPHQ
Brooke Carroll, RN, CAPA
Emily Crossley, RN, CAPA
Katie Dempsey, RN, CAPA
Amanda Englund, RN, CAPA
Rachel Hallstrom, RN, CAPA
Lyndsey Weber, RN, CAPA


Krzysztof Malewicz, CRNA
Carlos Xavier Moreno, CRNA
David Nowak, CRNA
Henri Steward, CRNA
Tyler Thompson, CRNA
Eric Thueson, CRNA
Frelea Lyn Tiongson, CRNA
Fatima Udoiwod, CRNA

Behavioral Health

Lori Mostad, CNP


Tracey Aude, CNP
Edita Danaiata, CNP
Jennifer Garriott, CNP
Polly Nobis, CNP
Theresa Rogers, CNP
Danelle Saunders, CNP

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Michael Grimm, CNP

Case Management

Andrea Adee, RN, ACM
Laurie Sheridan, RN, ACM

Cath Lab



Sherilyn Corwell, CCRN
Jill Gonigam, RN, CCRN
Elliott Mertes, RN, PCCN
Patti Nice, RN, CCRN

CGH Home Nursing

Shelly Lewis, RN, WCC
Jacque Shroeder, RN, BSN, COS

CGH Home Nursing Director

Denise Wooden, MSN, CRNI, CDP

Chief Nurse Officer

Kristie Geil, CENP

Diagnostic Imaging

Erika Adams, BSN, CBNN

Digestive Health

Megan Bright, RN, CSRN
Cindy Fargher, RN, CSRN
Cathy Hawkins, RN, CSRN
Jennifer Kastner, RN, CSRN
Tara Long, RN, CSRN
Priscilla McNeill, RN, CSRN
Jennifer Olson, RN, CSRN
Whitney Phillips, RN, CSRN
Laurie Shipman, RN, CSRN, CGRN
Laura Stoudt, RN, BSN, CSRN, CGRN
Stephanie Waller, RN, BSN, CSRN, CGRN

Emergency Department

Sarah Alvarez-Brown, CEN
Beverly Burrows, RN, CEN, CCRN
Elizabeth Coss, RN, CEN
James Erl, CNP
Michelle Hahn, CNP
Brian Johnson, CNP
Melissa Johnson, CNP
Korrissa Kipping, RN, CEN
Micah McNeill, NP
Rhonda Miller, MSN, CEN, CCRN
Stephanie Richards, RN, CEN
Jennifer Roberts, CNP
Evan Skinner, CNP
Randi Sturtevant, RN, CEN

Family Medicine

Lauren Cecchetti, CNP
Lynne Coffey, CNP
Donna Cook, CNP
Kelli Jepson, CNP
Christina Miller, CNP
Shannon Scroggins, CNP
Angela Stralow, CNP
Julie Wardell, CNP
Cassie Wiersema, CNP
Kimberly Wolfe, CNP

Family Practice

April Fischer, CNP

Float - Oncology

Kay Benavidez, RN, ONS, OCN

Float – Wound Care

Serena Lahey, RN, WCC

FNP Clinic

Amanda Dawson, APN, RN, WCC


Jaziel Chavira, CNP
Concha Sitter, CNP

Gastroenterology Director

Daneen Sandrock, RN, BSN, CSPDT, CSRN


Lindsay Rodriguez, CNP

Human Resources

Lori Vandermyde, RN, CCRN

Internal Medicine

Toni Ikens, CNP
Anja Wolf, CNP


Miranda Benavidez, RN, ONS
Andrea Fry, RN, ONS
Brenna Meade, RN, ONS
Sarah Snow, RN, ONS

Medical - Float

Tina Frank, CNP


Lilia Avila, CNP
Kathleen Capriola, CNP

Nursing Professional Development

Nancy Lauritzen, BSN-BC, NPD, RN-BC

Nursing Professional Development Director

Mary Jean Derreberry, BSN, RN-BC, NPD


Debora Beveroth, RN, RNC
Sarah Deter, RN, EFM
Bryanna Flynn, RN, CLS
Elizabeth Goff, RN, RNC
Lisa Gordon, RN, RNC, MNN
Emily Johnson, RN, MNN
Amy Kutz, RN, CLS
Kimberly Moses, RN, ION
Heather Musselman, RN, MNN
Morgan Pope, RN, CLS
Cristina Quinn, RN, MNN
Vanessa Simonton, RN, IBCLC
Marcela Sproul, RN, IBCLC
Laurie Terry, RN, MNN
Lisa Vos, RN, RNC, MNN


Laurie Buckman, CNM
Meredith Johnson, CNP


Parish Cheshire, RN
Anne Cordell, RN
Sue Hageman, RN, BSN, OCN
Marla Lund, RN
Tresa Mackay, RN
Susan Maynard, RN
Amanda Smith, RN

Oncology Director

Cynthia Wadsworth, RN, MS, FNP

Operating Room

Lynelle Breidenbach, RN, CAPA
Kaci Linton, RN, CNOR
Kathy Mills, BA, RN, CNOR
Gina Stanley, RN, CNOR
Elizabeth Vandersnick, RN, CNOR
Brittney Zemke, RN, CNOR
Pat Zigler, RN, CNOR


Stephanie Ernst, CNP


Jackie Greve, CNP

Perioperative Services Director

Michelle Salas, RN, CNOR, CSSM


Courtney Mohr, CNP
Jessica White, CNP


Angela Tschosik-Johnson, CNP

Ready Care

Norma Alvarado-Urrutia, CNP-FP
Susan Burnette, CNP-FP
Virginia Heal, CNP


Melissa Duncan, CNP


Roger Arquilla, CRNA


Kevin Rogers, CNP

Vascular Surgery

Erika Stach, CNP


Melissa Armstrong, CNP-FP

Wound Care

Shelly Belha, RN, WCC
Peggy Carney, RN, WCC
Jennifer Tompkins, BSN, WCC