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August Employee of the Month

Hospital news | Sunday, August 2, 2015

Contact: Dana McCoy

Renee Stach, RN Nurse Leader

I live in: Dixon
Joined CGH on: May 9, 2000
Education: LPN, SVCC; ADN, Black Hawk; and starting BSN in Fall 2015
Family: Husband, Mark; Children, Anelle (19), Leah (8), and Noah (3)
Proudest Achievement: Personally, my children; professionally, blessed to be working in a field with an awesome team, being challenged and rewarded on a daily basis brings me happiness and fulfillment
Hobbies: Enjoy camping, going for walks, concerts, and training for future marathons.

“Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference”

"Renee has a positive attitude that is obvious to everyone she works with. She does not say no or that’s not my job, but embraces her work. Her peers come to her for assistance and information due to her positive energy and willingness to help. She is a patient advocate with physicians and families, and communicates openly and honestly with respect to families, patients and co-workers. Renee is confident in her role and mentors and inspires others to do the same. She promotes our facility and our organization in a positive light. Physicians rely on her for vital input and information on their patients. Nurses go to her to learn and grow. Renee is a pleasure to work with and an excellent leader in this facility."
~ Sue McGinn

We congratulate Renee on being chosen August’s Employee of the Month!