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Heather Musselman, OB, RN

What Makes CGH Special

"Being born and raised here in Sterling, it just always made sense for me to work at CGH. I like it that the hospital leadership also lives here and feels a commitment to keeping jobs and quality healthcare local. Patients don't have to unnecessarily leave town for care that can be provided right here."

Heather Musselman on Birth

"Helping bring new life into this world is a pretty amazing feeling. Everyone here works together to make every mother's experience the best it can be, because that sticks with a woman. As an obstetrics nurse, living and working here means sometimes mothers stop me out in the community. They remember I was there at their baby's birth. It's extremely fulfilling to know you're such a profound part of someone's experience.

What Makes This Community Special

"My family and I appreciate the sense of community we have here. You have that small-town feel with the big-town atmosphere. It's small enough you feel like you know everybody yet big enough you don't. Being a mom is my main 'hobby' right now, and this is a good place be."

Matthew Reed, Computer Security

What Makes CGH Special

"CGH provides quality healthcare for the people of this area. It's important that we're here. I think local leaders have a better feel for what's going on in a community, rather than hospital leaders who are located outside the area and not vested in the local area itself. We're a small, rural community. We like that small-town feel. People don't want to travel to big cities just for a checkup. It's nice to know you have a quality hospital in your hometown that can provide the services you need."

Matthew Reed on Computer Security

"I decided to join CGH because I was looking to get more into security and network security. I've always had an interest in this. It's a relatively new field in regards to healthcare. I think the most challenging and fulfilling part of my work is protecting patient privacy. I love information technology work because it's always changing. There's always something new that you need to learn. It's never dull. You get done with one project, and you're on to the next."

What Makes This Community Special

"This area has a nice, easy pace. It's not a hectic area. You have everything you need here, and it's easy to get from one place to another. It's a relaxing community. I love that my entire family lives in this area. My daughter is married and works at CGH. She is a physical therapy assistant. My grandson is a little over 2 years old. One of my favorite things to do is just to spend a lot of time together with my family. My wife and I also like to refinish furniture together."

Shelly Drehmer, Laboratory

What Makes CGH Special

"There really is no CGH without teamwork. It's great to feel I'm a part of a team dedicated to helping people every day. We're a strong, independent hospital in the area, and that is part of what makes this a great place to live."

Shelly Drehmer on Working in the Lab

"I don't see the patients, but I always keep them in mind. I work behind the scenes, in the lab. I've always loved math and science, and I get to use both every day in this job. I work with some pretty awesome people who really believe in our mission and constantly focus on patient care."

What Makes This Community Special

"We have a nice small-town feeling in the Sterling/Rock Falls area. We're never bored because there's always something to do, with lot of events and a strong sense of community. I play the clarinet in the Dixon Municipal Band, and I love powerlifting, skiing and riding my motorcycle."

Ryan Venema, Emergency Services

What Makes CGH Special

“Our caring staff wants the very best for the patients and the families we serve. That’s what motivates new team members to join CGH. They know we put our patients first, in their care and in their safety.”

Ryan Venema on Emergency Services

“I work in a unique niche in healthcare. I started off as a paramedic, and now I serve as the Director of Pre-Hospital Care for CGH. I like being the liaison with the paramedics so they can complete their mission every day. We have 43 EMTs and cover about 150 square miles. We handle everything from major trauma to childbirth to providing coverage at community events like football games.”

What Makes This Community Special

“CGH is a staple in this community. We’ve been here for more than 100 years. I think it’s good that as this area has developed, hospital leadership has stayed connected with the communities and the patients we serve. I really can’t picture either Sterling or Rock Falls without CGH. I think we’ve become a focal point of both communities.”

Geoff Wright, Physical Therapist

What Makes CGH Special

“Teamwork in our department helps us meet the CGH mission. Everyone from the receptionists to the physical and occupational and speech therapists are all united in that mission. We work hard to serve everyone in our community, from infants to the elderly.”

Geoff Wright on Physical Therapy

“I work every day to help people regain function after surgery or an injury, and it’s fulfilling to help people get back to their everyday activities. It’s a constantly changing workplace. You’re constantly assessing the patients to help them improve to the best of their abilities. You want to provide the best care possible, just as if it were your own family member. At the other end of it is another person, someone’s loved one, and it’s helpful to remember it that way.”

What Makes This Community Special

“We have a lot of outdoor amenities in this community, with parks and trails and places to enjoy seasonal activities. My wife and I like that there are so many opportunities to take our young daughters to do things outside. In my down time, I like to hunt and fish and attend community sporting events.”