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Jason Larson

EMT Paramedic & Shift Officer, 7.5 years

I initially joined CGH as a paramedic in 2014. I did it to be closer to my family, but I really love the comradery of the people I work. Every call we go out on, our department acts as a team with the key goal of helping people in our community. Having been in Emergency Medicine Services for over 26 years, it's a great feeling knowing that I played a key part in helping expedite someone's care and that it was essential to their overall outcome.

Ready for whatever the day brings

A day on the job in EMS is what I call structured chaos. Of course, our top priority is to provide emergency care to anyone who may require it. But my team also makes sure our ambulances are clean and stocked for whatever emergency may come in. Every day is different. We don't know what calls we'll get, but we're ready.

As shift officer, I have a few other duties as well. I determine crew assignments and make decisions regarding both emergency and non-emergency responses. I also complete reports detailing treatments given to patients and work with other CGH departments to get patients transported to other facilities when needed.

Always growing and training

EMTs and Paramedics are in short supply right now throughout the area, and we are a much-needed resource for our community. That makes being an EMT an evolving career. There is always room to grow as a pre-hospital provider.

During my time at CGH, I have been promoted twice – first as an assistant shift officer, then three years later to a shift officer. I'm also an instructor, which I really enjoy. This has allowed me to pass along what I have learned to my fellow employees. From helping people in our community to helping train others on how to do the job, my career has really been very rewarding.

Enjoying the perks of flexible scheduling

Working here has also given me more time outside of work! Thanks to the flexible scheduling CGH offers, I have even more time to spend with my family and explore my hobbies. I really enjoy working for CGH and am glad I made the move to be part of this community.