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CPR Training

Need CPR & AED Training?

Learn more about CPR, basics and online training at the American Heart Association or contact one of these local area instructors to learn more about CPR training in your area.


Instructor Name Email
Albany/Fulton/Rock Island County Dan Posateri

All areas Gina Hale

All areas Kevin Everly

All areas Micheal Thompson

All areas Mimi Hicks

All areas Stephanie McClean

All areas Klarissa Truemper

Carroll County Hilary Dauphin

Carroll County Judy Weber

Ogle County and Lee County Aaron Wetzel

Ogle County, Lee County, and Whiteside County Donald Sanders

Ogle County, Lee County, and Whiteside County Patricia Frye

Sterling/Rock Falls Alex Kraus

Sterling/Rock Falls Cara Widolff

Sterling/Rock Falls/

James Thompson

Sterling/Rock Falls Jason Larson

Sterling/Rock Falls Jason Schneider

Sterling/Rock Falls/Morrison Jessie Houzenga

Sterling/Rock Falls (25 mile radius) Kyle Pletsch

Sterling/Rock Falls Sheila Fane

Walnut/Sterling/Rock Falls Michael McAlvey

Whiteside County (50 mile radius) April Johnson

Whiteside County/Lee County Anna Garcia