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reviewed 5/21/2019

Dressing safely for Halloween

Planning kids' costumes for Halloween? Check out these tips for dressing safely.

From head to feet, dress your kids for a safe trick or treat.


Make sure hats and head accessories fit comfortably and won't slide over your children's eyes.


Have your children carry glow sticks or flashlights with fresh batteries to light up the night.


Choose light-colored costumes that are bright and reflective. Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween as on any other day.

Costume Accessories

Make sure costumes and accessories aren't so long that they're a tripping hazard—or in danger of catching fire from a candle-lit pumpkin on a porch.

Trick-or-treat bags

Dress the trick-or-treat bag up too! Reflective tape can help ensure your children are seen by drivers.


Prevent falls by making sure your children's shoes fit well and the laces are tied.


Shop for accessories and costumes labeled flame-resistant.

Contact lenses

Avoid decorative contact lenses. They can harm the eyes.


Use nontoxic makeup on the face, instead of a mask, since masks can block a child's vision. Test the makeup on a small area of skin first.

Keep warm

Make sure to dress your children against the cold. October nights can get chilly.

Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Safe Kids Worldwide

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