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Programs and Services

You’ve got a friend in the CGH Health Foundation. Check out the good that has been done this past year.

When you’re down in troubles and you need some love and care, wherever you are in the Sauk Valley, we will be there.

With our world turned upside down, it’s comforting to know that the CGH Health Foundation already has help in place - help with medication, transportation, mental health counseling, eyeglasses, cancer comfort care, mammograms, dental care, health screenings, even scholarships. In fact, over 560,000 kids and adults have benefited from health initiatives funded by the CGH Health Foundation. Click here for results.

During these uncertain times, the Foundation will continue to do GOOD in spite of COVID-19. With so many unknowns, we need to be prepared:

  • Prepared to offer mental health counseling for those who need a boost
  • Prepared for funding prescriptions for folks who don’t have the funds
  • Prepared to provide transportation for our patients who don’t have the means
  • Prepared for more families who can’t afford glasses or dental care
  • Prepared for individuals experiencing heart/lung issues due to the virus

All you have to do is call and we’ll be there. Together, we will get through COVID-19. And together, we will continue to do more good for more people in the Sauk Valley. COVID can't stop us. Check out these resources which are made possible by generous individuals, businesses and clubs from throughout the area.

  • Medication Assistance Program. This program provides a free 30-day supply of necessary medications to CGH patients who don't have the funds for those therapies. Call 815.625.0400 for Talia Rosas, ext. 5556, or Julie Morse, ext. 4433, to find out more.
  • Transportation Assistance Program. Need a ride? We’ll get CGH patients to their appointments at our area clinics or hospital for free. If you need to see a specialist in Chicago, Madison, etc., we’ll get you there as well. Ask your provider for help with a ride or call 815.625.0400 for Talia Rosas, ext. 5556, or Julie Morse, ext. 4433. Gas cards also available.
  • Ways to Wellness. Available since 2016. From the safety of your home, CGH patients can receive free counseling via phone call or Zoom conferencing as provided by mental health professionals Christine Romesburg, QMPH, MSW, MBA, and Julie Kirchhoff, BA, MHP. Help for youth, families, and adults is available. They offer expert assessment, brief targeted intervention, and individual therapy for social, emotional, and environmental issues in partnership with Sinnissippi Centers, funded by the CGH Health Foundation. Call Christine at 815.440.3574 or 815.625.0400, ext. 1916 or email or Julie at 815.677.8342 or Find out more.
  • Ways to Wellness Chronic Illness Support Group. (On hold due to COVID-19.) First Mondays, 11 a.m., CGH Classroom 2. Are you or someone you love living with a chronic illness? Join us as we discuss ways to help you take charge and activate your life! Learn ways to deal with pain and fatigue, relax, understand treatment options, and manage your worry by finding better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health. RSVP to Christine Romesburg, QMPH, MSW, MBA, at 815.625.0400, ext. 1916 or 815.440.3574 or visit
  • Pediatric Mental Health Program. Limited phone counseling services due to COVID-19. Focus on social and emotional needs of Sterling, Rock Falls, Milledgeville and Polo grade school students. Mental health professionals from Sinnissippi Centers provide services in the schools with funding from the CGH Health Foundation. Includes new B-CALM (888/332-2256) stress relief help line from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call Gloria Martin at Sinnissippi Centers (815) 284-6611, Ext. 254 or (800) 242-7642.
  • Eyeglasses for Kids and Adults. Under-served school-age children and Medicare-age, disabled and uninsured adults from our five-county service area receive a free eye exam and pair of glasses through this program. Contact Sherry DeWalt at 815.625.0400, ext. 5716, to find out more.
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Assistance – Treatment sessions for patients who cannot afford their Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab or Pulmonary Rehab sessions are covered.
  • CGH Pediatric Rehab Center. The newly expanded Center for speech, occupational and physical therapy received state of the art equipment in 2019 through a Foundation grant. Therapists use the immersive sensory integration room, dynamic full-color interactive projector/motion capture system, portable unweighing gait trainer, interactive light bright wall, and universal exercise unit to create a child and family-centered plan of care. Therapy consists of play-based activities to build functional skills. Call 815.632.5199 to make an appointment for your child. 667 children took part in 4,179 therapy sessions last fiscal year. Free gas cards available if you need help getting to appointments. Ask your provider or contact Joan Hermes at 815.625.0400, ext. 5672.
  • Women's Health. This program provides year-round breast and gynecologic cancer education and services, including financial assistance for screening and diagnostic testing, for example, ultrasounds. To find out more, contact Sherry DeWalt at 815.625.0400, ext. 5716. Due to COVID-19, the seventh annual Delicious Designs event will be hosted virtually leading up to and on October 15, 2020.
  • Cardiac Wellness. (On hold due to COVID-19.) We offer glucose screenings, cholesterol screenings and blood pressure screenings through this program. Contact Sherry DeWalt at 815.625.0400, ext. 5716, to find out more. Or visit our calendar to find out when the next screenings are offered.
  • CGH Therapy Dog Program. Therapy dog teams visit with patients, family members and staff at CGH Medical Center. Read more. Contact Deb Keaschall at 815.625.0400, ext. 5727, to find out more. Your $250 contribution will sponsor a therapy dog. Contact Joan Hermes at 815.625.0400, ext. 5672.
  • Nutrition and Fitness. This program encourages children and adults to increase their activity level and make healthy food choices; includes Strong Women Strong Bones, yoga classes (although outdoors for now) and the CATCH program in area schools, hosted in partnership with Sterling Rock Falls Family YMCA. Contact Sherry DeWalt at 815.625.0400, ext. 5716, to find out more.
  • Prescott Dental Clinic. Under-served children and adults living in the Sauk Valley receive low-cost dental care at this clinic, with partial funding from the Foundation. Contact the Whiteside County Health Department at 815.626.2230 to find out more.
  • Scholarships. We offer $30,000 in scholarship assistance for students in the nursing and healthcare fields. Click here for an application. Scholarship deadline is July 1, 2020.
  • Workplace Wellness. (On hold due to COVID-19.) Cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose screenings at the worksite are offered through this program, as well as health coaching and goal-setting services. Employers can also receive a monthly workplace wellness newsletter. Find out more.
  • Growing Healthier. This speaker series, part of Workplace Wellness, has now gone digital – being offered on social media because of COVID-19. The educational programs feature physicians and other healthcare professionals who share their knowledge on a variety of important health topics, and all talks are free and open to the public. Find out when the next program will be shared.

We’re here for you, whether you need assistance now or later. To ensure this level of relief can be maintained, we are asking folks to jump in with their hearts, to spread some goodness, some hope, into the lives of others.

None of these programs would be available without the support of our community. Donate now on our secure website. Thank you for partnering with us in being a friend – when people are down in troubles and need some love and care!