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Beyond Trim

There are many important aspects of your life that affect your health and well-being. Improving one area, such as diet, exercise, sleep, physical surroundings, relaxation, and more, can not only benefit other areas, but also influence your overall physical, emotional, and mental health. In fact, when it comes to health and wellness, it's the smallest and consistent efforts that bring the best results.

Please join Sherry DeWalt, CGH Health Foundation Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator and ACE Certified Health Coach, as she shares information and tips that will help you lead a better and healthy life. For questions, contact her at 815.625.0400, ext. 5716.

Dirty Secret

Have you ever driven through the countryside and caught a whiff of a freshly plowed field? Part of what we might be smelling is Mycobacterium vaccae, a type of bacteria found in soil. Recent scientific research is digging up interesting facts about exposure to this dirt-born microorganism.

Waist Not

The American Heart Association and other entities encourage everyone to “know their numbers”, and most of us know that this means things like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. However, did you know that you should also know your waist size?

Food and Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, and 90% of our heart disease risk stems from factors over which we have some control. This article helps clarify the role of a healthy diet in addressing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Colorectal Cancer Risks

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and while the incidence of colorectal cancer has declined somewhat, there is a disturbing increase in colorectal cancer cases in younger adults.

Are You Eating Enough?

It’s tempting, and fairly common, for people to attempt a very low-calorie diet; eating 1200 calories or less on a daily basis. While this may result in weight loss initially, it’s usually not sustainable.

Early Heart Attack Care

We tend to think of heart attacks as sudden events that occur without much warning, but did you know that someone may experience symptoms of an impending heart attack weeks before it happens? By learning to recognize the early warning signs of a potential heart attack you may be able to save a life, including your own!

Save on Sodium and Money – Make Your Own Soup

There are not many meals that are easier than opening a can of soup but some of the commercial varieties on the shelf at your grocery store contain a whole day’s worth of sodium in a single can. And even though canned soup is relatively inexpensive, you can cut your cost in half by making it yourself.

What is Willpower?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Whether it’s weight loss, smoking, spending money, etc., you may be relying on willpower to help you accomplish your goal. Here are some simple steps to give your willpower a boost!

What Do Diabetes and Dementia Have in Common?

Light Sleepers May Be Heavier