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Shelly Drehmer

Shelly Drehmer on what makes CGH special

"There really is no CGH without teamwork. It's great to feel I'm a part of a team dedicated to helping people every day. We're a strong, independent hospital in the area, and that is part of what makes this a great place to live."

Shelly Drehmer on working in the lab

I don't see the patients, but I always keep them in mind. I work behind the scenes, in the lab. I've always loved math and science, and I get to use both every day in this job. I work with some pretty awesome people who really believe in our mission and constantly focus on patient care."

Shelly Drehmer on what makes this community special

We have a nice small-town feeling in the Sterling/Rock Falls area. We're never bored because there's always something to do, with lot of events and a strong sense of community. I play the clarinet in the Dixon Municipal Band, and I love powerlifting, skiing and riding my motorcycle.