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Ryan Venema on emergency services

“I work in a unique niche in healthcare. I started off as a paramedic, and now I serve as the Director of Pre-Hospital Care for CGH. I like being the liaison with the paramedics so they can complete their mission every day. We have 43 EMTs and cover about 150 square miles. We handle everything from major trauma to childbirth to providing coverage at community events like football games.”

Ryan Venema on what makes this community special

“CGH is a staple in this community. We’ve been here for more than 100 years. I think it’s good that as this area has developed, hospital leadership has stayed connected with the communities and the patients we serve. I really can’t picture either Sterling or Rock Falls without CGH. I think we’ve become a focal point of both communities.”

Ryan Venema on what makes CGH special

“Our caring staff wants the very best for the patients and the families we serve. That’s what motivates new team members to join CGH. They know we put our patients first, in their care and in their safety.”

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