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Heather Musselman, OB, RN

Heather Musselman on what makes CGH special

"Being born and raised here in Sterling, it just always made sense for me to work at CGH. I like it that the hospital leadership also lives here and feels a commitment to keeping jobs and quality healthcare local. Patients don't have to unnecessarily leave town for care that can be provided right here."

Heather Musselman on birth

"Helping bring new life into this world is a pretty amazing feeling. Everyone here works together to make every mother's experience the best it can be, because that sticks with a woman. As an obstetrics nurse, living and working here means sometimes mothers stop me out in the community. They remember I was there at their baby's birth. It's extremely fulfilling to know you're such a profound part of someone's experience.

Heather Musselman on what makes this community special

"My family and I appreciate the sense of community we have here. You have that small-town feel with the big-town atmosphere. It's small enough you feel like you know everybody yet big enough you don't. Being a mom is my main 'hobby' right now, and this is a good place be."