Patient Comments

Patient Comments

Are we doing things the right way? Are there areas in which we could improve? We want to improve, and you can help! Your feedback is very important!

You may receive a survey asking you about your visit to CGH. This will arrive by mail, or to make it easier to respond, via email (if there is an email address on file). The emailed survey is only applicable for the Clinic physician offices and NOT the hospital or any outpatient procedures.

Whether via mail or email, we ask that you please complete the survey you receive. We will use your feedback to make improvements and ensure that your next visit to CGH meets and exceeds your expectations. For questions, please contact Katy Renkes, Patient Advocate at (815) 625-0400, ext. 4011

See what our patients are saying...


Received from the CGH Website:  "Nancy at the Lab in Morrison is fantastic. She made my 6 year old daughter feel comfortable and safe while she was having blood drawn. She was friendly and obviously enjoys her job. Her expertise was apparent as my daughter only had to be stuck one time. I really appreciate her kindness!"

(Way to go, Nancy! )

Received in the Patient Experience Office:

"I recently had an EGD/Colonoscopy done at CGH and I just wanted to say how great everyone in the Digestive Health Center was!  They were so nice and accommodating!

(Way to go Digestive Health Center! )

Received in Patient Experience:

Ready care staff are amazing! I was given an appointment and they got me in and out quickly and treated me with such kindness from checking in to checking out! Thank you Ladies job well done!!!

(Kudos CGH Ready Care! )

Received in the Patient Experience Office:  "I would like to thank Emily in Dr. Luckey's office for all she does to make our experience at CGH a great one! After referring us to Iowa Children's Hospital, Emily went above in beyond in getting our son's records from two previous visits at other hospitals and getting that information faxed out to Iowa City prior to our appt. This saved us a lot of time and headache when dealing with medical records at a larger hospital and was much appreciated!! Thank you Emily! You are a huge asset to CGH!"

(Way to go, Emily! )

Received in our Prophetstown Clinic:

Dear Dr. Schaeffert, Chris and Marjie,

My appreciation for all your care is beyond words. So I will just say "Thank You". The quality of my life is better with all of you in it.

(Thank you Dr. Schaffert, Chris and Marjie! )

Received in the Patient Experience Department from a recent patient in the emergency department:

"Thank you so much for the great service!  The CNA's, nurses and doctor were wonderful, caring and took time to explain!"

(Way to go CGH Emergency Department! )

Received via the CGH website:

Please pass this on to Julie @ Social Services and the department heads of CCU, 3rd floor medical, ER, Respiratory, and the rest of the staff that took care of our mother, Margie L. Bryant.
Myself and brothers would like to convey our thank you for the wonderful care that our mother received at CGH, at times it was not easy, but you all went above and beyond. The compassion from our dad as he spent each night with our mom was greatly seen and appreciated.
We believe that we were able to spend a few more weeks with mom due to your care of our mom that we would not have received.
Thank you again, and I know now how great a place we have at CGH, and would tell any that would inquire.

Thank you,

Jeff Bryant,
Chief, Amboy Fire Department.




(Thank you all who cared for this lady. )

Received from the CGH website:

"I have just finished up many weeks of physical therapy with Penny Kester and wanted to say what a wonderful person she is. Right away she made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The entire time she was very positive yet realistic and tried different treatments to help me. She is very knowledgeable and caring. After my time with Penny, I feel so much better than when I arrived. I still have some pain but she has given me several suggestions to help me continue to improve. Penny is great!"


(Kudos Penny! )

Recently received in the Patient Experience Department:

I wanted to take a moment and tell you about a recent experience at CGH. 
My sister has special needs and developed a medical problem in early Dec., which required a hospital stay on 2nd floor.   Because this experience was very new and strange to her, she did demonstrate behaviors that were challenging for the CGH team. 
Subsequently she returned to CGH on Dec. 22 and had surgery on Dec. 26.  She is now doing well and we hope for a discharge in the next few days.
On her initial stay, she was admitted through the ED  which was a difficult experience for her, however the CGH team was understanding and Dr. Knight was very compassionate and kind.  I also must mention the technicians who performed the CT scan on Dec. 9 or 10 (unsure of date) were patient and kind and expert in performing the CT scan.
During the first admission, the 2nd floor team was amazing.  Teresa Cisketti was absolutely wonderful in helping my sister to adapt to her surroundings.  She was skilled, kind and effective.
The CNAs were wonderful, however I must give a special mention to Brianna, as she really experienced a difficult day with Patty and Brianna accepted and managed each situation expertly and with kindness.
Dr. Schmelzel was kind enough to do a direct admit for my sister on her second admission to bypass the ED.   On her second hospital stay, nurses such as Tracy and Lindsay were so amazingly patient, kind and skilled in their jobs.   Again CNAs, such as Brianna and Katie were so kind and patient.
I must mention Diane, the nursing supervisor.  She demonstrated excellent skills in managing my sister’s behaviors and in teaching other team members.   She kept us informed and we felt confident knowing she was on the floor.
My sister is on the way to recovery and I am confident will do well because of the excellent care she received.  I couldn’t be more proud of her for her tenacity and for CGH Medical Center for their excellent skilled care and compassion.  I am certain I have forgotten someone who was important to my sister’s care and if so I do apologize.

(Well done, CGH Staff! )

Received via the CGH Website:


I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful experience on Nov.20 while I was at your hospital for an outpatient procedure. I believe that if good service is provided that you should know about it.

I have had inpatient/outpatient procedures at other area hospitals and I have to say that CGH provided the best experience by far. I was welcomed by a volunteer that escorted my husband and I to the outpatient area, which we never would have found otherwise. The gentleman that worked as the host in the outpatient waiting area was very friendly and welcoming and I felt that he wanted my husband to be comfortable while he waited for me. I had several nurses that looked in on me before and after my procedure and every single one of them was friendly and you could tell they loved their jobs. Dr. Tugwell is amazing and has great bedside manner which my husband I both appreciated. The only complaint I would have is that I wish you would offer a choice for food after the procedure. I had a ham sandwich waiting and I was thankful I just brought a banana in case. I did like that I was asked beforehand what beverage I would like waiting for me afterwards. 

I appreciate that CGH utilizes seniors as volunteers. Having them have an outlet to stay busy and an opportunity to help make a difference for the positive in patient care is wonderful. 

I just wanted to let you know that you have earned my trust and I appreciate how well you took care of me while at your facility. 


Amy N.

(Kudos to all involved!! )

A Pediatrician from North Shore University Health System recently shared his daughter and son-in-law’s experience in our birthing unit.  He states:

Our daughter and her husband delivered their daughter on November 3rd on your birthing unit after an extended labor which included lots of discussion and guidance from your excellent nursing staff.  The nurses included Konnie Swanson, Lisa Vos, Laura Folkers, Annette VanLanduit, Sarah Schlosser, and Katie Renkes and their expertise with the guidance of Dr. Frank Tugwell was most reassuring and supportive.

My wife (PICU, ER, staffing, QI, Home-Onc nurse at Lurie Children’s Hospital) and I have been working in general and Children’s hospitals for 37 years.  We were most impressed with your facility but especially with the nurses in the birthing unit.  I have spent most of my time at Evanston Hospital as a neonatologist/pediatric intensivist/hospitalist and know how much I respect and rely on the nurses I work with.

After our granddaughter was born, she was noted to have an ear tag and pit.  Dr. Hermon took really good care of her, including a prompt renal ultrasound the following morning as part of her diagnostic evaluation.

I am also on the editorial board of NeoReviews and edit a section written by our maternal fetal medicine physicians about tracings in intrapartum care.  I learned a lot about tracings from Lisa and Katie during my daughter’s 20 hour labor. You are really lucky to have them working on the unit. They really helped all of us make it through.

Congratulations to CGH.   I am confident our family will continue to receive excellent care from all of your staff.

("Way To Go" to all involved! )

Received in the Patient Experience office:

A patient's daughter called today and relayed the following story-

My mother had to go to a nursing home on Tuesday after an incident that happened on Monday night.  I was out of town and my mother's doctor wasn't available to write orders so she could go to the nursing home, so we needed to find another doctor to write the referral.  Dr. Buddaraju's nurse, Cassie and Dr. Kurian's nurse, Kristi, were both wonderful!  They helped us get everything taken care of quickly and worked very hard to make sure everything was done correctly.  Cassie even called back several times to follow up and make sure things were done.  I know you don't often get to hear all the good things, but I wanted to let you know how great we think Cassie and Kristi are.

-Laura Hoyle (permission to use name and information was obtained)

(Kudos Cassie and Kristi! )

Received in the Patient Experience Office:

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your staff at the clinic on W. 3rd Street.  From the front desk to the nurses and the doctor.  Very nice and extremely professional!  I was in such pain and I was glad they were there to help me; on a Sunday.  If I need help again, I would not hesitate to see them."

Thank you Ready Care staff- what a great commentary on the fantastic care you give our patients!

(Kudos CGH Ready Care! )

From the Patient Advocate:

Julie Pope called in with compliments for CGH.  (permission to use name and permission to use on the website)

“I had Dr. Mench, he was very quick in my care. I couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t the typical 'me' that day-and he knew. My parents were there, and everyone helped. They had so many questions and they were all answered. I know I work there, but everything was just so much easier when everyone was so great to me. Dr. Defranco has been amazing, he called me at home to see how I was doing. Everyone was wonderful. Medical floor was great, but Sharon Schuldt helped me the most. She was there on my good days and bad days. She helped me understand everything that was going on with my care.”

Congrats everyone and thank you for making her experience great despite the circumstances!

(Great job everyone! )

From the Patient Advocate:

I received a nice compliment from patient Kevin Diers (permission to use name) for Kelly McDuffy in the clinic business office. He said that he works in healthcare also, and was so appreciative of the time Kelly spent with him, in addition to the follow up phone calls and time spent on his questions. Congrats!! Thanks, Kelly, for showing some great teamwork.

(Kudos Kelly! )

From the Patient Advocate:

A patient’s daughter Barb Peugh came in to thank CGH for the care they gave to her mother.She states, “I wanted to thank everyone for their care at CGH. The care we received and loving care my mother got was top notch. Everyone, from the nurses and doctors to the ED, to the nurses, staff and Dr. Patel on medical floor, were all great. Dr. Patel took care of my mother’s anxiety and my mother left us in the best way possible.”  Congrats!!

(Well done ED, Medical floor staff and Dr. Patel! )

From the Patient Experience Office:

I received the following letter from Jeanne Robertson (permission to use her name was obtained):

"On March 26th I was a patient on the outpatient surgical floor.  I cannot praise Mary Jean and her staff enough. From the moment I stepped foot on the floor I was treated like I was the only patient they had that day. The care was awesome. I am not naming names because everyone that I came in contact with was amazing. Dan Reimschiissel, the anesthesiologist, was great.  He explained everything in detail, which put both my and my husband's fears to rest. I have worked at SRFC and CGH for 26 years and we always talk the talk, however the Surgical Outpatient staff walks it. I want to thank each and every one of them."

(Nice job, all! )

Recieved from the Patient Advocate office:

Patient Terry Potts (permission to use name and permission to put on the website)wanted to pass along a compliment.

"The ambulance drivers were Randy Scott and Mike, they made me feel really comfortable. Chris, Nancy, Sharon, Serena, these are the people I can remember right now. They treated me really good. On the second floor I was there for 7 days. I never had one bad nurse. Each one treated me fantastic. They had a very calming effect about them which made me calm. It’s not often that you feel calm in the hospital. Serena is a real sweetheart. The whole staff that treated me really really well. The people in the emergency room, I was in there twice within a month. Those people were fantastic.

They all were very professional and knew what they were doing. I was joking with them and they joked back with me. I’ve got nothing bad to say.

I get CT scans. Kayla, the receptionist Cynthia, they are top notch. All of the experience I’ve had have been positive."

(Kudos to all involved in Terry's care! )

Received in the Patient Experience Office:

"To 3 East floor-For the excellent care given to my brother during his procedure and stay at this facility...THANK YOU"


(Way to go CGH Medical Floor! )

From our website testimonials:

"I recently was in the ED for a knee injury and I've never been anywhere that the staff were actually there for the patient until I was here...they were in constantly to see if I needed anything and they did very well for pain management.  I also expected to be there for several hours and we were only there for about one and a half hours.  I am very satsified with the care I had.  I will go back again if I ever need to!"

~Shannon Klausing (Permission was given to use Shannon's name)

(Way to go, ED staff! )

From the desk of the Patient Advocate:

Patient Tracie Power (permission to use name) was recently a patient here at CGH.

“I had the most phenomenal experience. The staff on third floor, in cath lab, and cardio lab were wonderful. I wrote down all of the nurse’s names. They greeted me with a smile and answered all my questions. I was a little stressed and scared and they could tell I was nervous and talked with me. I plan on coming in to give them some home baked cookies for them. Everyone was just so kind and nice. Everyone was so busy but they would come into my room with a smile on their face. People need a pat on the back and told what a good job they did. The girls in the ED were great, Dr. Mench was great too. Dr. Youssef and Dr. Patel were great. I was just blown away with the kindness.”



(Great job everyone!!! )

From the Patient Experience Office:

I received a phone call from a patient who had  been hospitalized some time ago and received a visit from Iggy, one of our therapy dogs in the Love on a Leash Program.  The patient said, "I can't say enough about what his visit meant to me. When you're in the hospital you just feel so down, but Iggy made my whole day.  He even does tricks, when Kris said 'bang', he played dead!  I'm so grateful for his visit and this program.  I was so impressed with the program that our computer club recently sponsored a dog."

(Thank you Love on a Leash volunteers! )

From the Patient Experience Office:

I received a call today from a gentleman who wanted to share with all of you he and his wife’s experiences here at CGH.  He shared with me that his wife, Michelle Northcutt (permission to use her name) has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  He said that Michelle “wants the world to know” that her care from the beginning here at CGH has been exceptional.  From Meredith Johnson’s office to Cardiology and Radiology, to Dr. McGlone’s office and Ambulatory Surgery to Dr. Alikhan’s office, her care has been so much more than she ever expected or could have hoped for.   

He mentioned Dr. Alikhan, Meredith Johnson, Melissa Newton Dr. McGlone and Heather Johnson by name, but wanted to be sure that Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology and Ambulatory Surgery were congratulated as well.  Your exceptional and compassionate care is so appreciated!

(Thank you to everyone involved! )

Received 2-14-14 from the desk of the Patient Advocate:

“I had rotator cuff surgery, everyone was wonderful. Dr. Defranco and his nurse were great. I fell in the snow, had to call 911, and the ambulance personnel helped me get up, and made sure I made it to physical therapy on time. When I was in the hospital for my rotator cuff surgery, everyone was wonderful, respiratory even made sure that I had my CPAP machine and that it was hooked up right. They didn’t complain at all.  People don’t realize what these people do. Without CGH this winter, I don’t know where I’d be.”



(Thanks for giving great care to our patients! )

Received from the desk of the Patient Advocate regarding a patient's experience at CGH on February 7:

"All of the staff put me at ease and went above and beyond.  I didn't want to be a bother, but this was my first time having surgery and I was so scared.  The girls in ASU, the anesthesiologist, Deb Sigel and Peggy from PT, and the nurses on the surgical floor were great.  They tooks so much time to explain everything.  Thank you!  Dr. Riley was wonderful too."


(Kudos! )

"Thank you CHG physicians and staff for your dedicated care and support of my brother during his numerous hospital stays at CGH. Everyone was so caring, kind and patient."

(Received on our website )

The following note from a patient was received in the Main Clinic business office:

Just a note to give you all a big "Thank You".  We cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for what you've done for us. It's nice to know there are still a few good people out there.  We appreciate your generosity and hope you have a wonderful 2014.



(Kudos to the Clinic Business Office! )

Received in Patient Experience Office:

"The CGH Physical Therapy Department is terrific.  Lori, Shari, and Polly provided excellent care in helping me regain flexibility after a fractured ankle.  They were knowledgeable, helpful, caring and friendly.  My ankle is much better thanks to their excellent care!"

(Kudos, PT department! )

Received in Patient Experience Office:

I had to bring my son to the ER during the early morning hours on 11/10/2013.  He was scared and in a lot of pain. From the minute we walked in, he was given wonderful compassionate care.  Nurses Sean and Amanda were outstanding!  Dr. Wasilowski was also excellent.  Thank you so much!


(Way to go Sean, Amanda, Dr. Wasilowski & ED staff! )

Recently, Cardiac Rehab was sent this note from a patient:

"Dear Kim, Lori and Missy:  On September 9th I came to cardiac rehab and had no idea what to expect.  Today, November 11th, I have been here eight weeks and the progress I have made is unbelievable.  The three cardio RN's here are terrific and so helpful.  After a few weeks they increase your speed and try different machines.  I also have changed my lifestyle.  Hopefully I will return to the pool where I enjoy 'water walking'.  My sincere thank you; Kim, Lori, and Missy, for helping me meet my goals in this eight week program."

Well done Kim, Lori and Missy!

(Way to Go, Cardiac Rehab! )

The following was received in the patient experience office (Permission was received to use our patient's name):

Dear CGH,

I would like to take a moment and let you know what wonderful care I was given at your hospital.  As one of the doctors on staff here, I have been on each floor and worked with many staff and co-workers.  However, when suddenly in the "role" of patient, my perspective was greatly changed.  The employees, nurses, doctors, aids, housekeeping department, ALL made me completely comfortable.  My needs were met before I asked and my pain was controlled before it was too high.  How ever you hire your nurses and staff, you're doing a great job.  Hats off to the men and women who made my hospital stay graceful and comforting. 


Dr. Kelly Guthrie

(Thank you, surgical dept. and surgical floor! )

Recieved in that Patient Experience Office:  "I had a billing problem and Kim Velasquez was great in helping me. She understood my issue, offered a very viable solution and made it very easy for me to understand and work with. It is nice to have courteous and helpful people working with you, especially when it is billing" ~David Goebig (Permission to use his name was given).

(Thank you for making a difference, Kim! )

The following was received in the patient experience office:

"From the Satuday issue of the Sauk Valley (Sterling) paper, I was delighted to see the article "Managing Diabetes a Deft Craft".  The article challenged me, I had to look in the dictionary. 'Deft'- Quick but sure--Skillful.  This statement is the absolute meaning of the work that Calli McClain does at your clinic as a diabetes educator.  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year ago.  I had no idea of what I was into.  With firmness and confidence, she led me through the program.  You have certainly picked a winner with Callie!"  Thank you, Callie, for engaging with our patients and providing an exceptional patient experience for this person! 


(From the Patient Experience office )

From the desk of the Patient Experience Director:

I received a story today about our laundry department.  This department is a stellar collection of dedicated folks who we don't often hear about...but I was excited to hear about an incident that recently took place there.  In sorting the laundry on July 25th, Bill Guinn, Cindy Eaglin and Russell VanZuiden were sorting laundry to be washed.  As they shook out and sorted, they came upon several personal items including a cell phone and wallet.  Bill immediately took the wallet to Ron DeJonge's (supervisor) office, who called Melissa Cushman, acting patient advocate to return the items to the patient who lost them.  There was a very large sum of money in the wallet and the patient was extremely happy and relieved to get all of his belongings back.  Our laundry department often comes across personal items in the process of completing their duties which they must return to the patient without delay.  They are extremely diligent, hardworking and honest and we are so lucky to have them on our team!  Thank you Bill Guinn, Cindy Eaglin, Russell VanZuiden and Ron Dejonge for your dedication to our patients!

(Well done, CGH laundry department! )

A recent story published in the paper describes a 60th wedding anniversary that didn't go as planned.  A woman who had been on her way to visit her husband in the hospital on their anniversary, fell and required an ED visit.  Once stabilized, she was taken by wheelchair to visit her husband on the medical floor and was surprised with a dinner for two to share, mini-wedding cupcakes and even a basket of freshly cut flowers; not to mention many hugs and well-wishes from staff in the Emergency Department and the Medical Floor!  What a great example of the personalized care we provide here at CGH! 

(Way to go Dietary, Emergency Dept and 3 East! )

Recently, there was a tragic motor vehicle accident in our area that claimed the life of one and changed the lives of many others.  Lynette Damhoff, CGH Social Worker stated she would never forget the incident. The survivors, who were not from our area, said they were so grateful for the kindness shown to them by staff at CGH.  Lynette made arrangements for CGH to pay for rooms at a local hotel since these out of towners had nowhere else to stay.  Lynette and Jane Kinney, RN  from the Emergency Department took them to their hotel room after treatment.  Jane also offered to take them wherever they needed to go the next day, since she was off work!  Thank you to everyone involved for making a truly terrible situation better by offering exceptional kindness and caring to these young travelers.

(Kudos to everyone who helped! )

From the desk of the patient advocate:

Since late June, 2012 through February, 2013 I received treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in the offices of Dr. Mir Alikhan.  He and his staff- Missy and Susy in reception, Annie, CNA, Lisa and Barbara, RN's, and Dianne Limesand, NP- provided excellent medical care with respect and sensitivity, as well as TLC!  This also can be said of the personnel in lab, who actually recognized me and called me by my name on sight.

During the last six months of treatment, I also had opportunity to be cared for by a number of RN's, CNA's, and medical specialists during a 10-day stay in the hospital, on 3rd floor.  Again, I must say that the care I received was meticulous, attentive, and special.

Finally, my wife and I were especially gratified to be attended in the financial departments of the Medical Clinic and the Medical Center, respectively, by Jeanne Robertson and Gabe Gallardo.  Not only did we receive all of the necessary information to help us lower our medical costs, given the fact that we were without medical insurance and unemployed at the time, but also we felt at all times that these two community servants bent over backwards and went the second mile in order to provide us with the lowest rates possible for the treatments we received.  It was evident from the beginning to the very end that everyone at CGH has the best interest of the patient as top priority. 

We would highly recommend the medical services of CGH to anyone in need of treatment.  We thank God for all of you!

( )

Kudos to all involved!

The patient advocate received a phone call from a patient and her husband who came to Dr. Hahn's office recently.  The patient said that the reception staff were so friendly and accommodating to her and her husband.  She also stated, "There was uniformity throughout the whole office.  Dr. Hahn was a doll, yet professional and friendly.  Everyone said 'thank you' at the end of their visit.  Great job!"

( )

Just received a great call from a recent patient. She states she stayed on surgical floor and wanted to name some names of employees who did a great job taking care of her. The employees she named were Chris, Jamie, Edson, and Vicki. Congrats to all 4 of these employees. The patient did go on to say that Jamie needs to go on to school and become a nurse because she did a great job taking care of her.

Great job!

(Kudos to Surgical Unit )

This past Monday, I had two procedures done as an outpatient in DDC.  I wanted to let you know that your staff members who took care of me were outstanding! 

They did not initially know I was a co-worker, so it was obvious the care and concern they showed me was how they treat all their patients.  Cathy met me at the door and immediately let me know who she was and that she would be taking care of me before and after the procedures.  Cathy explained all the steps clearly and made sure I didn’t have any unanswered questions or concerns.  Cathy was very upbeat, positive and calming.   Laurie  came in to help with the IV and she too was upbeat and reassuring.  I had recent hip replacement surgery and when I mentioned this, both Cathy and Laurie made sure hip precautions would be followed and  discomfort laying on my new hip would be minimized.  When Laurie let me know that she would be staying with me during the procedures I was amazed how relieved I felt.  Carmen and Janice  were also part of the team that took care of me, and again, both were very kind and caring.  As their patient, Cathy, Laurie, Carmen and Janice  let me know their focus was taking care of me and making the whole process as easy for me as possible.   Because I am a hard stick, Mickey, who I knew, was called in to help with the IV.  Mickey, who is touted as an IV master (well deserved), was terrific and talked up the staff who was taking care of me, adding to my feeling of being well cared for.

 Thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding care they gave me as a patient!  

(DDC Kudos )

From thge Patient Advocate:

I just got a positive experience phone call from a recent patient and he wanted to mention to the staff of surgical floor and dietary that they all did an excellent job taking care of him while he was hospitalized. He said from the time he got here until he was discharged, he was treated like gold, that we had a fantastic set of nurses and CNAs on surgical floor. He also wanted to mention Sam from dietary.


(Great care on surgical floor and kudos to dietary )


I just wanted to share some comments from rounding today that I think exemplify our hospital overall.  On patient has been with 2E and in CCU.  He stated that “this is the best hospital I have ever been in – and I’ve been in a lot of hospitals.  I am taking some of the initiatives I have seen back to my own practice – they won’t know what hit em!”  His wife also stated “every single person who has left this room has asked is there anything else I can do for you before I leave”  she said she could tell it’s something we have been working on and it shows! 

Another patient has some financial issues and stated that this hospital is the only one he feels treats the patient and doesn’t worry about the money and he feels that the hospital helped him more than they had to in regard to a medical card, financial help and finding out about medications and costs – he is blown away!” 

(Comments from Sue McGinn after rounding )

The patient’s daughter accompanies the patient to appointments and the daughter wanted to recognize the doctor and staff at Dr. Jundi’s office, reception, and nursing. She said they are so helpful, caring, and compassionate to her mother and she really appreciates it.

She also of course mentioned Keith, our doorman. He does an excellent job with the patients that need that extra help getting in the door.


(a Call to Natalie the New Patient Advocate!! )

Mr. Skip Lee (permission given to use name) called and stated, “My mother was on the Medical Unit yesterday. Lisa was her CNA and Anne was the RN. They were just wonderful, professional, efficient and friendly. In the ER there was this wonderful nurse, Deb Gonzales who was just great with her. And Dr. Lo was the best. The lab techs and everyone was kind and helpful and answered all our questions. All the care was delivered very efficiently and the discharge was prompt. I was very pleased with everything. My mother loved the therapy dogs. It was wonderful for her. What a great service to have available.”

A family member called about their loved one.  She stated, “I took her to the ER Monday and there was a specific nurse that went above and beyond.  Deb Gonzales was very polite and did everything she could to help my sister-in-law get her medications at the $4 rate, even calling out to make sure the prescriptions were on  the plan. She was just a wonderful nurse. Dr. Lo was very thorough and communicated everything so we always knew what was going on. Then, he came back to check on her to make sure she was doing better before sending her home. I was very impressed with him.”

(Calls to the Patient Advocate )

Dear M J,

    I would be remiss if I didn't send you a note to let you know just what a wonderful bunch of Nurses and CNA's you have here on the second floor.  Let me start by saying, I have been hospitalized in some of the finest facilities in the country over the last 30 years because I have had 7 major back surgeries and 3 major neck surgeries. I have spent time in the University of Iowa, Rockford Memorial, Chicago University Hospital, Mayo Clinic Hospital to name a few. I have to say that the Nurses and staff hear on the second floor at CGH are the most genuinely caring and pleasant people I have had the pleasure meeting.  They all, and I mean ALL go the extra mile to make you comfortable, and they do it with a smile.  It doesn't matter if it is 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, they are in a good mood and attend to any and all of my needs right away. I have had some good care over the years but none that can compare to the 2nd floor here at CGH Hospital in Sterling.  This not only a direct reflection as to the kind of people they are, but it is a direct reflection on you and who you are. You should be proud of all of these people but yourself as well.

    In closing let me say that if I am ever in a situation where I have to be hospitalized for any reason, I can only pray that the Nurses and CNAs will be as well trained and professional as the staff here on the second floor of CGH Hospital.

P.S. I would also like to say a special thank you to you for letting my wife bring my little miniature weiner dog in to see me for a while. That meant so much to me. 


(WOW Compliments )

Patient wrote stating. “I felt compelled to write this letter after my recent stay and care at CGH. I was admitted through the ER on Nov 15 with a serious threat to my health and in great pain. I wanted you to know what great care I received, but specifically wanted to recognize two staff members who I feel went above and beyond to care for me. Nurses Amy and Stefani on the surgical unit never once made me wait for any of my needs and were very proactive regarding my condition. It was clear that both approach their duties as more than just nurses and provided a care that went beyond their titles. I am not a letter writer, but these two ladies and the CNA’s assigned to their shifts from the 15th through the 17th need to be recognized for their abilities as nurses and their compassion as caregivers. I also want to thank Tita for praying with me and my wife before my surgery. Our prayers were answered as I am on the mend. Please let your Administration know that they are truly lucky to have Stefani and Amy on their staff.”   

(From a Letter to Us )

 “My wife was in the hospital for two days and she had very good care. Starting in the ER where everyone was really kind to her and made her feel a lot less scared, then up on third floor, everybody, nurses doctors, were just great. It’s not just that they do their job, but they seem to really care about her and that makes me feel better about having her there. Please tell them we are grateful.”

(From a Call to Tita Roach, Patient Advocate )

From Our Patient Advocate:

"I heard a volunteer discuss her visit to Dr. Hahn’s office and her cataract surgery. She enthusiastically described how good Dr. Hahn is and how friendly and competent his staff is. She talked about how his nurses/assistants gave on-going education and answered questions she hadn’t even thought of yet. Then I had my appointment with Dr. Hahn. The office is attractive and spacious. All staff, reception and clinical, were prompt, friendly and attentive. He was personable, professional and very reassuring. He answered all my questions and concerns clearly and then asked if I had any other concerns. His assistant told me to call if I thought of any other questions. This office is a model for what every health care experience can be when staff are engaged and work together for the benefit of the patient."

(Great review for Dr. Hahn )

Ii have been to many hospitals but CGH is the most wonderful place. I don't know how you do it, but you manage to get the most beautiful caring girls. When the nurse enters my room, it just lights up. I call the nurses my daughters.

(Your Nurses are angels!! )

Wife stated, "I can't say enough good things about everyone. Dr. Binns in the emergency room. It was really on account of him with what he was saying and what the Lord was telling us that my husband stayed. He was honest and efficient. We really appreciate his honesty. I really can't say enough. Then also everyone from the emergency room, to Dr. K, to the surgeon that did the angiogram, to the 4th floor nurses, on down to the housekeepers. Everyone did such a good job. We thank them and appreciate all they did."

(EVERYONE was great! )

 “My four year old has manic illness and had a massive melt-down in the Clinic. I was trying to get his psychiatrist on the phone and this wonderful person, Ashley, saw my situation. I was there with the four year old, the baby and my two year old. She was fabulous. I found out she works in the hospital computer department, so this is way above and beyond her job. She came to me and offered to take the baby, and she got a wheelchair and took the baby and the two year old for a ride around the lobby while I was on the phone. Eventually, she even got my 4 year old to get in the wheelchair, so there she is entertaining the three of them while I was arranging for an appointment for my son. While most people were trying to avoid the situation, she jumped right in. She was a true angel and her kindness and compassion for my situation were greatly appreciated. I can’t find the adequate words to say thank you to her. Please be sure she is recognized.”


(Awesome Story from the Clinic )

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job Chelsey has done with my mom. She has gone above and beyond to help her. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to go the extra mile. My dad said if they could clone her this place would be amazing. Just wanted you to know.  She knew my mom would have a male aid on the night shift and offered to help her get cleaned up in case she felt uncomfortable. What a great worker you have.


(Chelsey is great!! )

"We who work with the general public often go unrecognized unless a grave error has occurred.  I wish to change that by telling you about a recent visit paid by a family member to the Emergency Room.  …We were quickly greeted and escorted to a room by Amanda.  Amanda’s quiet, calm and efficient manner is to be recognized.  No question or concern we may have had went unresolved.  She went about her job with an air of confidence that was very reassuring.”  Amanda was able to transport him to the admitting unit “and made certain that he was properly settled with the staff there.  I am glad to have Amanda as an example of the staff and care provided by many” at CGH.

(Amanda in ED was great )

 I just wanted to take the time to tell you about my daughter’s recent ED Visit to get stitches in her bottom lip. When we arrived at the admitting desk to say she was less than thrilled to be there would be an understatement but we were met with a sympathetic smile and a very polite Registration clerk. Thank goodness our old neighbor Deb was also working in admitting and she gave our daughter a bear to try and calm her down, which worked for about 2 minutes until  Sharon came to get us to take us back. As we walked backed she literally was kicking, screaming and bawling and I thought this is not going to go so great. Stephanie was able to calm her down some while Sharon and Veda admitted her. My sister-in-law, Jessica  also happened to be working that night in RT  and was also able to help out.  

The PA came in and was so great with her, he didn’t force her at all and was able to look at her lip and agreed that she definitely needed a couple of stitches. We were able to get her numbed up with topical anesthetic, which was wonderful because her biggest concern were not the stitches but getting a shot.  I am not sure how John was able to get those stitches in but he did. I was really worried about how it was going to look because she was so uncooperative.  I removed her stitches this last Sunday and WOW, her lip looks great,  you can’t even tell she had stitches in her lip. I have to say I am so happy and pleased with not only John but the entire staff of the ED from admitting to the nurses and my sister-in-law Jessica. I know my child was difficult and uncooperative but they made this difficult situation easier and I am not sure what I would have done without them, needless to say I am one happy MOM. I just wanted to take the time to send then a BIG heart felt THANK YOU. Please pass this along to them and let them know that I think they are the best and did an amazing job with a difficult situation.

(Great Care in the ED )


A nice lady called to give some compliments about the hospital!

  1. She loved the wheel chair service at the front door.  She said it was “fantastic” to have some greet her and make sure she didn’t slip as it was a rainy day!
  2. She meet two “new to her” doctors.  She said Dr. Riley was extremely nice and genuine to her.  She had been going to Rockford, but now she feels confident to come here!  Also Dr. Hahn; she said he was extremely nice and made her feel comfortable! 

She feels like a lot of people just call and complain all the time and she really wanted to express her feelings because these people made a difference!


( )

"My husband is in love with the 3rd floor nurses who tended to him on three days in September.  He said, 'Even after pooping and puking on them, they continued to treat me like I was someone special.  A corner of my heart is reserved just for them.' 

We both thank you from the heart.  We thank each and every one of you for your dedication to a very noble and necessary profession and for the kind and caring way you tend to patients under your care.  A perconal thank you from me for taking such good care of the love of my life."

(Love the 3rd floor nurses )

"I cannot say enough good things about all the good and caring people at CGH.  The nurses and CNAs, the volunteers and everyone on the 3rd floor were excellent.  You all got me well and home again.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

(A great note about 3 East Care )


A recently discharged patient called the patient advocate and stated, “I am home on chemo and I’m on blood thinners. I accidentally caught my IV line in a zipper and cut it. There was blood everywhere and chemo leaking out. I was afraid of my dogs getting into the chemo, so I was trying to pinch the tubing and clean it up. It was hectic to say the least. I was so nervous, I left my purse at home. Your ER girls were wonderful. Starting with the registration ladies who got me right in, even without any ID or anything, then the nurses, all of them. They were so kind and so on top of everything. I was covered with blood and they gave me some scrubs to wear. They were so kind and so helpful. They just had it all in hand and fixed the line and kept me sane. Everyone who helped me was awesome, and understanding and above all else, they knew what they were doing and took the time to calm me. I was a trainwreck and they were absolutely wonderful. Please tell them if it were up to me they would all get a gold star and a raise!”

GREAT TRIBUTE to ED Registration crew and ED team. Congratulations!

(GREAT TRIBUTE to ED Registration crew and ED team )

A patient called searching for an item in our Lost and Found. She stated, “I have to tell you something else, your service is impeccable. You have great staff. After my hysterectomy, I had such awesome care. Your staff’s attentiveness to my needs, as far as my pain was concerned, they stayed right on top of it. They wanted to be sure I got my pain medicine on time and didn’t have my pain get the upper hand.  I never called for the pill, they asked me before it was time. Anything I needed they made sure I got. Dietary, whatever I wanted, whenever I asked, I had it. The facility, everything was sparkling. But your people, They were just awesome.

(Impeccable service on Surgical Floor )

A patient that was transported via ambulance called in with these complimnets. The patient wanted you to know how much she appreciated the care she received from the ambulance crew. She actually got choked up on the phone talking about what she went through while she was a patient at CGH. She could not remember your names but was happy with the care she received.  The staff was greatly appreciated by this lady. 

(Great Care by Pre-Hospital )


“My mother was in the hospital and passed away. I need to tell someone about Jill the RN in CCU. She was the most compassionate and caring individual I have ever met. She sensed that mom had a great sense of humor and she just really used that to help mom and all of the family. As you can imagine, someone who could bring humor into such a situation is a special human being. She was a God-send not only to Mom in the great care that she gave her, but to all the family. It is plain that she loves what she does and it is much more than a job to her. She was above and beyond. She gave us boatloads of information, not only explaining what was happening but what was going to happen next. She was calm and reassuring and answered questions that we didn’t even know how to ask. One night she stayed over three hours with us, just taking care of every need, anticipating and meeting them.  And when Mom got transferred to the Hospice room, she came down to check on her several times. She made a tough time so much easier. We will never be able to adequately thank this wonderful nurse for all she did for us. Please be sure she is recognized.”

(an angel in CCU )


On Monday this week, a patient called the patient advocate, “ I just got one of those call back surveys and I neglected to commend the most caring and involved person who helped me in the ER. I don’t recall her name but she was a little CNA  who went way above and beyond what she had to do. I was very cold and she kept the warm blankets coming and turned up the temperature. She was friendly, efficient, stayed on top of my needs, just wonderful and needs to be commended. She is very good at what she does and is a great asset to CGH. Then when it was time to leave, she insisted on helping, wheeling me out to my car and just encouraging me and my husband with such good cheer and kindness. Please let her know how much she was appreciated.” 

(Warm Blankets and Love!! )


I was in the ER on 9/14 with very high blood pressure. Your staff there acted quickly to give me the proper life-saving care. In the ER and on the Medical Unit, your employees were very helpful, giving me care. They were all very attentive and I received very good care. I can only say good things of how I was taken care of. Thanks for a hospital that you can rely on, and your wonderful nurses. 


(Great ED )

 “I’m writing to say how truly thankful (I am) to your ER staff. The night my husband was transported to your hospital I was very reluctant and nervous… because I work for the competition. When we arrived we were greeted with open arms and I felt very comfortable with all the staff. Everyone was very comforting and very professional. I knew he was in very serious condition but I knew everything would be done to help him. When Dr. Mench first came to me I felt very at ease and I knew he was working with the best of his ability to do everything he could to help my husband. I Knew my husband was in a grave situation. Dr. Mench was so very understanding. The staff in the ER was so wonderful when the time came that my husband was not going to be leaving the ER alive. They respected my privacy when I needed it. The staff contacted other family members when I could not. The time I needed to spend with my husband after he had passed will always be remembered. I want to give special thanks to Kim Crowe and Chris Miller for their great work that night. They did an awesome job with Bob and my family. I am truly grateful for their compassion and professionalism towards my husband and family. Thank you all again for all your hard work.”

(Great care in the ED: compliments and kudos )

"We drove all the way here in our motorhome from Wyoming to get back to this hospital and Dr. Hanlon.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  We wanted to be here and we wanted Dr. Hanlon and we have not been disappointed.  We would do it again.  Everyone has been just wonderful and Dr. Hanlon is the best!” 

(Love Dr. Hanlon )

Kevin Folk did a great job taking care of me. I also liked Dr Mench, he was very thorough.

(ED care was GREAT )

One nurse was Kris, and the one who gave me the sedative was so sweet (Laura). They were both so sweet, I was pretty anxious, and I absolutely had no fears after they started. Everything went so smooth, I was completely satisfied.

(Digestive Disease Center Positive Comments )

“I work at Freeport Hospital and I know what good care looks like.  Dr. Alikan  and his nurses are wonderful.  Missy, when I call,  she calls me back within 20 minutes.  I get such help and with such kindness.  On 3rd floor, my dad comes in for chemo once a month. The nurses are so good with him and do such a good job. Andrea is really good and so is her daughter. I have to honestly say we have never had a nurse who wasn’t top notch.”  

Congratulations, team CGH.  Proud to work with you!

(I know what good care looks like!! )

I love the doggie program. I love Piper.  I was the first patient he visited.

(Kudos for the Love on a Leash Program--ALREADY!! )


"That is the first time I have felt comfortable enough that I didn't have a panic attack, Cathy was wonderful."


(No panic attack this time )

I just wanted to pass along a note to express my gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful staff at Helping Hands.  Sadly, today is the last day for my daughter to attend and I know that I have not fully expressed how amazing the entire staff has been for the last four years.  Both of my daughters have had the privilege of being immersed in an atmosphere that has exceeded my expectations during the most crucial developmental years of their early lives.  Every member of the staff dedicates themselves to taking an active role in the social, emotional and educational development of all of the children at Helping Hands.  The teachers enthusiasm for the success of the children is overwhelming.  I have so much respect for the time and energy they put into each and every child to meet their unique needs.  As a parent, I am so grateful that everyday I went to work I felt secure knowing my children were in a safe and nurturing environment.  I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all of the staff at Helping Hands for being a part of our lives.

(Helping Hands Day Care is the BEST )

A patient was in CGH for a pacemaker and a sleep study. He wanted to commend Cari in the sleep lab. “She did such a good job. She knew every detail of her job and explained everything to me. If she was interrupted, she came back and knew exactly where she left off and besides her professionalism, she was very pleasant. Everyone at CGH during my whole experience made me feel in good hands and I would rate them all at a “9 ½ “  . Cari Johnson was a 10+


(Cari in the Sleep Lab is GREAT )

“My wife has been in the ER a lot now and your ER, how I feel about them, it is just nothing I can explain to you. That PA in there, Karrie, is an unbelievable woman and those nurses, they are caring, concerned, gentle, considerate. I know we’re getting close to the end but they never treat her like that. They are attentive to her and to all her complaints.”


(ED HIGH Praise )


Mark Mench did a great job taking care of me. He had things under control. He explained everything to me, was knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with him.


(Kudos to the ED and Dr. Mench )

A nurse from Denver, Colorado stopped by my office just now. Said she saw our signs out and about regarding our awesome safety ratings and asked how did we achieve that.  I was proud to say that we have implemented hourly rounding with the 3-P focus (potty, positioning, pain), and that our fall prevention and med safety teams are very active and also as a part of our Customer Service Excellence initiatives, we just watch our patients more closely. 

(Awesome Safety Scores! )


Barb administered my IV perfectly, I felt no pain. I had Laura and Kate in my procedure and they were great, they were very nice, helpful, and answered all my questions. And also, the lady that answered the door (Janice) was very accomodating. I had my husband and my 1 yr old son with me because my sitter fell through and she helped with finding my husband a place to wait and made phone calls to him to let him know how long I was going to be. Everything there was wonderful. You have a very nice place.


(DDC was GREAT )

Wendy in PT is a gifted professional. Not only did I receive an exceptional treatment, but gained knowleged & understanding about my condition and am confident about my ability to improve the quality of my life. She was direct, informative and reassuring. After just my first appointment, I feel like I'm getting my life back and am looking forward to being a stronger, healthier, more active person again. Hope is a great motivator and she gave me hope again.

(HOPE given by Wendy in PT )

My nurse, Barb, was wonderful, the other Barb and the other nurse with her were great.

(DDC Care is GREAT )


I give them a 5, the nurses in the prep area, very good nurses; and the nurses across the hall sure know what they're doing.


(For the DDC Staff )

OMG---thank you to "Mary"---OB nurse @ CGH Medical Center. My daughter, Claire, her son Gus & his father Mark along with all of the rest of us could not have asked for a more perfect nurse. Thank you, Mary, for your loving care of Claire, Mark & Gus. Through that loving care for them---you have loved all of us. From 1 nurse to another that is what being a nurse is all about. We have been soooo blessed to have met you----thank you----from Claire's mama :-) !!!

(WOW experience in OB!! )


A patient called us with this report:  “I fell and dislocated and broke my elbow. I came to the ER and everyone there was great. The nurses and the doctor were top notch. Then I went to X-Ray and Kerry Ann and Lindsey were efficient and amazing. I was in a lot of pain and they were very gentle and they didn’t rush me. They were very aware and attentive of my injury and they stayed with me. On the surgical floor, I wish I could remember everybody’s name. The nurses and CNA ‘s were great. Dr. Hanlon was awesome. Leah Anderson and Marla Rhodes took care of me on Saturday. Everybody was absolutely wonderful to me. They catered to my every single need always checking on me and asking if I needed anything.  I was in a lot of pain and they listened to me and stayed on top of it. I had wonderful care and the food was great. Everything was wonderful.”

(Great Care!! )


I'd just like to tell you your service is over and above good, I've been in a few hospitals and I have never experienced such kind, courteous people, thank you and God bless you all.


(Over and Above Good! )

To Wayne Davis--I want to thatk you for your help with my sister's eye appointment.  She was so scared and you helped make sure the doctor and nurses were aware of her fears.  She was in and out quickly and you made all the difference in the world with her care.  Thank you Wayne. 

To Dr. Hahn's staff--Thank you to all the nurses and staff that were so patient and helped my sister when she was in to have her eyes checked.

To Dr. Hahn-- I am so thankful for your excellent expertise and the beautiful results of my two surgeries. 

(Props to the Vision Center )


"I am from Chicago, and I would put CGH up against any hospital I have used there."

"I was treated like a person, not a number."


(Better than Chicago hospitals )


Everyone was good, cooperative and worked together.  I like the doctor, the dietician, admission and x ray were wonderful.  Even those who sat and reassured me. Everything was super.


(Great review during a follow-up call )


About the Digestive Disease Center and the staff:

"They were all good, I can't remember all their names now. But the two ladies I had for the test (Leslie and Laura) were so nice. They were really top notch and they made me so comfortable because I was really nervous. It went a lot better than I expected."


(Compliments for DDC in July )

I spoke with a patient’s mother on the phone during callbacks and the patient is from out of town and was playing in a basketball tournament and injured his ankle. The mother was not present when the patient was here, but the father was. She stated that she heard many wonderful things about the visit from her son and husband, told us to “not change our procedure” when it comes to customer service, and also said that if they would have taken their son to the hospital where they live, he would not have been cared for as well.


(Great ED Care )

I want to bring attention and recognition to the Physical Therapy Dept in the hosp. I recently had my knees replaced and have been recuperating with the help of the PT Dept.  They are so patient and kind while we (the patient) are going through a tough time in our lives. They not only do a wonderful job , they go above and beyond to make the patient happy and comfortable while also doing the wonderful and difficult job they do to get us back on our feet.  I recently had a birthday and they had a Happy Birthday balloon waiting for me when I came in on my birthday. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.  That kind of care makes me proud to be a part of the CGH team. I want to give them a big Thank you and God bless. I hope that we could somehow bring some attention to the great job they are doing.                       

(Great Compliment for our PT Department )

A patient called with the following KUDOS!!! 

I had MRI arthrogram on 6/20 and I want to extend my highest praise to the people who attended me that day. Starting with the Reception Desk people in X-ray, they were very pleasant and had a great sense of humor. Jennifer and Penny did the prep work and Dr. Pham did the injection. They were all very good, very personable, very kind. I spent the most time with Jennifer. She made me feel at ease. She was very meticulous with the documentation of the expiration dates of the medications. She obviously had a very regimented routine which she followed to the letter. Yet she remained professional with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed joking with her. She is not only excellent at what she does, it is evident she loves her work and takes it very seriously.  Tammy and Ryan did the MRI and were very accommodating. They made me as comfortable as possible under those circumstances and went out of their way to help me. When I was done I had a terrible painful knot between my shoulder blades from laying still and tammy gave me a little rub to get those muscles freed up and they loosened right up. These   are people I never met before and they made me feel comfortable, at ease and as much as possible, made the whole experience enjoyable. I want them to receive recognition for their professionalism and good sense of humor.” 

WAY TO GO TEAM!!! I’m proud to be a CGH’er working with stars like you!!

(Happy Monday to us! )

My dad came in during May with a heart attack.  I want to thank everyone who had anything to do with his amazing care!  He is doing wonderfully now.  Special thanks to the three angels who drove by and saw my dad and took over.  Andrea, Natalie, and Molly........ still amazes me when I remember.  Andrea gets thanks for staying in the ED and filling in gaps of the story for us and for checking on my dad throughout the week.  And to Dr. Gilles...thanks for your wonderful expertise.  Words can't express our gratitude for the sweetness you all cared for my dad with.  God Bless You!

(WOW--The ED )

My 13 year old was in an accident and went to the ER. When she got there she was immediately mobbed with people who were concerned and protective about fractures or other injuries. They were very discreet because her injury was in a delicate area. The doctor and nurses were all so protective of her privacy and her feelings. Then she went up to Peds and everybody was fantastic up there. They kept on top of the pain always asking how she was doing and at what level her pain was and gave her pain medicine so that she was very comfortable. They didn’t just take care of her, but for me too. I came right from work and they got me scrubs, personal items and food so I could stay with her. They couldn’t do enough for us, they went above and beyond for the whole family. The nurses were so enthusiastic, made her feel special, they were very tolerant.  She had emergency surgery and they kept informing us of everything that was going on and what to expect next. We received fantastic care. Dr. Almasy, they called him and he came in the middle of the night and he decided on surgery. A surgical team came in in the middle of the night and thank God for them, because she had worse internal injuries and bleeding.  That whole team was amazing. I was so impressed. They were on top of everything. Dr. Almasy was so kind and he kept us informed and comforted us so much. Thank God for him. You have a fantastic doctor there. Our whole experience was amazing. Everything was way above what anyone could expect. Thank you CGH.

(WOW! Amazing note about amazing care )

The nurse Kevin in the ER was AMAZING with my daughter Friday night.  He made my ill child very comfortable and not feel like a bother.

(An ED Positive Note )

I wanted to give a JOB WELL DONE to the 2nd floor surgical floor nurses and CNA’s.  My mom  has received nothing but great care and understanding.  My mom has been very ill and struggled since Tuesday and everyone has kept the family very informed and talked to my mom about everything that is going on.  Even Dietary as my mom was unable to eat for several days and they would still come in and offer her food even though she didn’t want any!  My mom is starting to feel much better again and she has a strange appetite and can’t eat much at one time, and they are all being very understanding!  She has even said the care has improved since she was here last!  I myself being a nurse know that we don’t always get the good side of things, so wanted to make sure they all knew!  Specially Tracey RN; Chris, CNA.  The others I am not for sure of their names as mom didn’t remember but over the weekend Tracey and Chris took great care of her.

(Great Care for my mother! )

My husband wanted me to make sure and tell you how nice Ryan was with him last night doing his MRI. He met us in the waiting room with a warm smile and handshake. I was so concerned that he would not fit, Ryan had him raise his arms above his head and put him in feet first, it worked.  My husband does not give out very many compliments, especially when he is in so much pain.  He stated a couple of times last night after we got home how nice Ryan was to him.

Ryan talked to him during the entire procedure, explaining everything along the way.  He then walked us out and thanked us for allowing him to be part of Mitchell’s care.  Ryan was very compassionate. 


(MRI WOWs the customer )

I am so lucky that Dr. Toth is my doctor.   I was having some GI issues and mentioned the issues to Dr. Toth when I went for my appointment.   Dr. Toth ordered a colonoscopy for me.   I am young and really did not want to have a colonoscopy done so I did not schedule the appointment.    A couple weeks had passed and I saw Dr. Toth at church.  He stopped me and said “Did you get that colonoscopy done yet?”.    I told him I would schedule it the next week.  I had the colonoscopy done by Dr. Monte and he found a precancerous polyp.     If Dr. Toth  had not been so persistent I would never have scheduled the colonoscopy and may have died  at a very young age from colon cancer.

(Saving Lives! )

"Barb was phenomenal, all of the girls were just great. They were friendly, it made an unpleasant experience okay."


("phenomenal care" in DDC )

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the outstanding care provided to me last week and to my family (mom, dad, sister-in-law, brother-in-law) over the past several months.

 While I don’t remember much, I do remember that the staff seemed excited to see us when we arrived last Friday.  I was really nervous (not about the procedure but what they might find).  Janice, Kathy, and Laurie did a great job of making me feel at ease, explaining exactly what was going to happen, how long, follow up, etc.  Kathy even shared her personal experience with the procedure. It meant a lot that she could related to how I was feeling. She kept the mood light hearted and that helped a lot.  Janice offered every possible item to ensure I was warm and comfortable. She is a sweetheart. You need to clone her!!  Laurie was a jewel.  My last memory was of her rubbing my arm and saying not to worry.  I know there was someone else in the room but for the life of me I can’t recall so I apologize for not recognizing her as well.  

I remember cookies and soda (YUM!)…then arriving home…and waking up 3 hours later.  Anyway, while I can’t remember much about the post procedure phase but my husband said everyone was excellent.  FYI – I didn’t know that I had a discharge patient folder with instructions and information until a couple of days later.  So…if staff gave me the information I totally have no recollection of that conversation.  Would be really hard to evaluate if I was “informed” at discharge because your medications are so awesome.

Long story short – you have an awesome team and should be very proud of them.  My family concurs with my sentiments as they all had similar experiences. Hopefully I’ll get a survey so I can put my assessment on paper!

Thanks for everything your team does to make CGH great for our community.


(Happy with the care in DDC )

I just wanted to write to late you know that I have spent much time in the hospital over the last 2 years. I wanted to let you know that this visit was 100% better then any other experience i have had on the 3rd floor, I spent 15-16 days in the hospital and was treated like I truely mattered. Attitudes of the nurses were great. I just wanted you to know that I was very happy with my experience. There have been nurses that have always been great to me Andrea, and Jason were just a couple that have always treated me good on every visit this time included, I can not remember all the names of all the nurses that treated great this time around but I did write down some and wanted to thank them for the wonderful treatment they gave me:


Andrea (always has been a great nurse with a great attitude and no matter how bad I felt could always make me smile this time included. She is one of my favorites)


Eva ( I know she is pretty new but she was awesome and made me very comfortable about the procedures I had done, and seemed to have alot of experience in my certain type of situation)

Jason (again always made me feel very comfortable and treated me like I mattered everytime I have been on that floor)

I dont know what you guys did but things have changed greatly since my last few visits but this visit was extrordinary! I want to thank all for being so wonderful and making my visit a very plesant trip!

(Great care on medical floor )

I have been going to the diabetes center for years now on and off. I am so happy with the girls down there! They are amazing people that truly care about your health. The have helped me lower my A1C from 8.0 (sometimes higher) to a 6.4. They haveworked with the insurance companies to get me everything that I needed for my health. I recommend anyone wtih diabetes to go to these girls! They continue to search for more things to help ease this disease! Thank you to all the girls in the department!

(Great Care in the Diabetes Center )

I’ve done the math.   It turns out  I’ve walked over 5000 miles, entirely on that little stretch of sidewalk between my home and the hospital’s doors.    Amazing, when you think about it.  One city block, but walked 50,000 times over 19 years;  it adds up.

Similarly, I’m sure the shockingly-high numbers could be counted for the number of times I’ve entered a patient’s room, introduced myself and offered my help  (70,000+ times)  or the number of meals I’ve eaten from our hospital’s cafeteria (4000+) or how many times I’ve answered a page from a nurse (an educated guess would be somewhere north of 200,000 times).    But these numbers are actually small,  dwarfed by the number of times a CGH employee has said “good morning!” to me with an honest smile, or was courteous and efficient with me  when I needed our lab or the x-ray department or the admitting office to get a job done.  I could never count the number of times a nurse or a HUC has been patient with me as I scurried around trying to get the daily job done or how many times forgiven me after I was particularly grumpy towards her ….or rushed….or upset about something she had absolutely no control over.  I’ll never forget that kindness I’ve been privileged to receive.  We think our actions with each other at that moment are only an isolated event, but like the single walk from my front door to the hospital, it’s really part of a much larger thing.  They add up, too.

I’m so proud of the quality of care we deliver to our patients here in our hospital and the clinic.  Not only from what I’ve witnessed from the  physicians and the wonderful nursing staff, but also from the quality of the laboratory and x-ray departments, the kindness of the physical therapists and the housekeeping staff on the floors, the precision of the surgical and OB staff  (I do know first hand – I’ve been cut open, twice, here at CGH and 3rd floor is where my college-bound daughter was born).  My idols are our Respiratory Therapists, who always seem so calm, competent and good natured even in scary, life-threatening situations.  The CIS and IT departments are absolutely top-notch, and our medical records staff and coders have earned my utmost respect of their professionalism in an often-thankless job. Our social workers and case managers have always been “my angels” for dealing with patient’s toughest situations, effortlessly, so that I don’t have to.  I could go on and on.

The lessons I’ve learned from working with all of you,  I will bring to my next job:  Be nice to each other.  Forgive.  Recognize healthcare is a stressful environment to work in, and it’s easy to break down now and again.  Recognize stress in your co-workers and offer to help.  Care for each other.  So often we focus on the patients, we need to remember the importance of being both kind and professional to each other, too.   

And if you might take a lesson from me …… try walking to work now and again.    I promise you, it’s good for the soul.

Wishing CGH and all of its employees the very best, as I leave with kind thoughts and good memories

Mike Christensen, MD

(A Farewell message from Dr. M. Christensen )

I patient called the patient advocate to say:  “I had this nurse, her name was Serena, and she was wonderful. She took the time and effort and went out of her way all the time. She couldn’t do enough for me, kept me comfortable with every small attention. When she saw that my IV was bothering me, she moved it and rearranged it. She fluffed up my pillows, always asked if I was warm enough. When I left she sat down and explained all my medications- what they are for, and what to expect. Her attitude was excellent, it just showed that she enjoyed her job. She went way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to make sure someone knew about it.”


(Telephone call to make our day!! )

Cathy was my main nurse. She was very nice and very attentive. I was very happy with how the procedure went. The nursese there are so nice and very attentive.


(Attentive staff in the DDC )

Kris in DDC did a pretty good job. Actually, all the nurses did a really good job. I was very happy with everything.

(Really good job in DDC )

Many, many thanks to the doctors and nurses in the ER.  You were kind, reassuring, and thorough in my care.  Our community is blessed by your dedicated service.  Thank you for your dedicated efforts.

and another: 

Thank you for your medical treatment, patience and concern during two recent early eveing ER visits.  You are a very intersting group of medical folks!  Because of you I have a great deal of confidence and trust in your hospital.  Warmest regards!!

(More compliments for the ED )

From Joan Hermes:

I visited with a patient recently who had his knee replaced. 

He was quite impressed with the food, said it was the best and he has had a LOT of hospital food.

He also said the best part of his visit, besides the food, was when Dr. Hanlon grabbed his hand right

before surgery and asked if he would like to say a prayer with him. He said it took him by surprise, but

he was so happy that the doctor did that. His wife turned to Hanlon as he walked away and said, hey,

don’t forget me, and he grabbed her hand and said a prayer with her, too. They just loved it!

They also said that the message of providing excellent care was consistent with every staff member and said

there was a big difference in admitting.

(Prayers and FOOD! )

"Cathy was very nice. She explained everything to us. She made us feel really comfortable. Actually, all the nurses we've ever had in that department are really good. They are always so nice to us whenever either one of us comes in."

(Compliments for care in DDC )

Kris and both nurses who were in the procedure room (Kate and Carmen) were wonderful. I can't remember their names, though but they were all nice, personable and had a sense of humor. And, I had never meant Dr Monte before then, and he was wonderful and so nice also. I can't say anything bad about the process and couldn't ask for anything different.

(Compliments for DDC )

Dr. Urbonas  is unbelievable. He has such a caring loving manner and such a great heart. He is a patron saint in my book. He got my wife to Peoria where I am sure they saved her life.  Your Diabetic Educators are absolutely wonderful. They take a real personal interest in each person they teach. They work with you like you were family.  Karrie Leigh is fantastic. She takes time to explain things to you no matter how busy you are. You can see the ER is just nuts and she keeps a calm attentive attitude. Her medical skills are off-the-chart superb and her bedside manner is super.

(Great Care AT CGH )

The Dr. was great with my kids he let them hold and play with the medical stuff.( Dr Mench) 

Everyone in the ED was great!! Thank You.

Missi was great, she joked with me and made me feel really comfortable being in the ED

Everyone was attentive and took very good care of me.

Shannon, my nurse did a great job.

Jen was very nice and you can tell she has kids.  Please let her know that I really appreciated her.

I have seen a huge improvement since I had been in the ED about a year ago. She stated she definitely will not hesitate to come back again.

Missi and Sharon were great, but everyone did a wonderful job!

Courtney and Sharon were excellent. They were very nice and helpful.

Everything was great and I can see a big improvement in the ER.

Courtney was wonderful, She checked on me frequently to see if my pain was under control.

Everyone was wonderful.

Pt stated that all the staff was great and her two nurses Missi and ? were wonderful.

(ED Compliments Galore )

  •  Courtney was amazing
  •  I was more than satisfied with the care I received from Karrie
  • The provider (Karrie)  was great!
  • Kerri, the PA, was so nice, and fast. I got right in and out very fast. She was great. Everybody was really nice.
  • Amanda RN was wonderful. She is a terrific nurse. I couldn't have been taken care of by a sweeter person.
  • The whole staff was wonderful. You were all amazing. I don' know how you could have given better care. Of course there is always room for improvement but right now I can't think of any ways for you to do that.

(Lots of compliments for the ED )

A recent patient  wrote, "many many thanks to the doctors, nurses, CNA's , and staff of the third floor.  I received awesome care during my stay and I want to thank each of you so much! It is easy to tell that you love your job and are dedicated to providing the best care possible. Thank you again."

And then went on to say: "many many thanks to the doctors and nurses in the ER. You were kind, reassuring, and thorough in my care. Our community is blessed by your dedicated service. Thank you for your dedicated efforts."

(Compliments--Compliments!! )

Today we had a patient that was involved in an MVA.  Upon discharge, she was unable to call someone to pick her up because her cell phone was dead and she couldn't remember any of her friends or families phone numbers.  The ED nurse charged the patients cell phone with her car charger so the patient could call someone to pick her up.  Way to go above and beyond!!


(above and beyond the call of duty! )

I just gotta tell you that I am now convinced that I have the best employees ever.  One of our HBO (hyperbaric oxygen) patients has to rely on the senior van for transportation.  The van was not running on Good Friday so my staff took it upon themselves to go pick the patient up and another staff member is taking him home so he does not miss his HBO treatment. 


(Wound Care Center gives GREAT caring!! )

Tracy, one of our nurses on Surgical floor received a hand written service excellence award from a patient  that I wanted to share with you.  He wrote "I have to say on a day like this when it was surgery day and I was so scared she explained everything I asked, made me feel so comfortable and better and safe about myself.  Everytime I push the nurse button she is here and concerned.  She is an excellent nurse and in the fifty days total I've been in the hospital she has been the best nurse I've had.  Such a great person. Thank  you guys for everything. Thank you very much."



(Best Nurse of my stay! )

My 13 month old daughter had tubes put in her ears on Friday morning.  I just wanted to let you know that everyone on the peds floor and surgical floor were great! They were great with Maddison and explained every step to us.  They made the experience very nice for something that isn't usually very pleasant for a little one.


(Great experience with Peds and surgery unit )

I was really nervous about the IV but I didn't even know she (Krista) put it in.

(DDC IV starts are painless )

"I have very bad veins and Barb did a good job, she got it on the 1st try." 

(More DDC Kudos )

I just received a phone call from a patient who had a procedure here today.  What said that he wanted to personally call me to tell me how wonderful his care was from door-to-door.  He said everyone he encountered in DDC was just great and was so pleased that he wanted to call me as the "head nurse" and tell me himself. 



(Delighted DDC Customer )

They all took very good care of me. I had Cathy as my nurse and Laura and the other lady (Carmen) in the procedure were real nice.


Barb took wonderful care of me. I didn't feel my IV going in at all and I told her it was a lot better than it's ever been before.

(More great comments about DDC )

Kris is super. She has such a gerat disposition and was always pleasant. I really appreciated her kindness. And actually everyone that you have in your department is so friendly and personable and expains everything so well.

(Kudos for Kris in DDC )

I brought my husband to the ED Tues morning. He was having heart palpitationss, shortness of breath, and dizziness. I got him checked in and we were in the waiting room. I took my son to the restroom and by the time I came out they had him back in the ED. He was hooked up to the monitor and in Atrial Fib. He was so scared and so was I but they were so great down there. They made us feel safe and that everything was going to be ok. It was very chaotic but everyone was so nice and helpful. He was admitted to CCU and had a TEE and cardioversion a couple hours later. Dr. Youssef and the CCU nurses were just as great. The bedside manner of everyone was amazing, they made my husband feel calm and reassured. He is only 30 yrs old and hates hospitals, but they made if so comfortable and at ease.

(One really happy wife of a patient! )

One of our patienbts had a great compliment for Bryan, the exercise physiologist. The patient, who had spoken to Bryan a while back said he couldn't afford our program.  But Bryan gave him some information and ways to start to find out how to lose weight.  He told me he has lost 74 pounds now and is continuing on and hopes to be at 100 pounds soon. 


(Thanks Bryan for the weight loss information )

"I thought Kris did a really good job."

(compliment for DDC nurse )

A note to an ED nurse from the assistant manager on Surgical Floor:

A patient on our floor had very nice things to say about you and the care you provided when he came to the ED.  I just wanted to let you know that during my patient rounding he and his wife wanted to make sure to recognize you for staying with him when he went to XRay and MRI and that you were concerned about his breathing because of the meds he had been given.  They felt that you were "extra special" and it really meant a lot to both of them.  Thank you for taking such great care of our patients!


(Thanks to the ED nurse for great care )

The patient's wife called to say how wonderful the hospital staff was during his stay. Dr. Steinke was wonderful. All of the nurses were wonderful. The comfort care was great. She said dietary brought up bowls with ice that were full of drinks. They also brought snacks for the family and visitors and everyone loved the cookies. Laundry gave her towels and blankets to use while she was staying with her husband during his final days. They also gave her a toothbrush and other daily necessities. She couldn't say enough about how wonderful everything was and how peaceful it was in the room when her husband passed away.


(Can't say enough aobut the care at CGH )

I really liked dr Monte, he patted my hand.

Dr. Stitch is wonderful, and Dr. Urbonas remembered me, and said are you ready to go home and see your cats?, when he discharged me.  Wonderful doctors.

(Wonderful doctors )

I so admired the girls.  What a change from a few years ago, now they introduce themselves, and the Dr. explains the procedures.

(Big compliment from a discharge call )

The patient in room 220 (last Friday)  raved about the food service.  She said "the food service has been wonderful I have had food here that is better than the best restaurants and I have eaten in New Orleans and New York at some really good places.  The salmon patty is the best ever – it's fabulous.  The girls even came up and took my order, the menu is great and really helpful too!"  She was really happy with everything her entire stay but the food service and the food really stood out – congrats!



Call from an ED patient to Shirley Wolford:  "I was in the ED last week twice and Kudos to the staff.  They were 110% professional.  Even though they were very busy, there was no lag and they got me in as soon as they could.  They were great."

(Seamless care in the ED )

To the Crew of the CGH ED:

"Lyle and I want to thank you all for the special care you gave us on his birthday in the hospital.  The birthday cake and song were above and beyond and it helped make a not-so-good day a little better.  Thay you for caring about your patients.  This kind of care never goes unnoticed!"

(Birthday in the Emergency Department! )

Last week I was "passing through" your locale on Route 88 and felt like "passing out."  You took me in and cared for me off the road.  Thanks so much for making a scary time away from home much easier.  I really appreciate allyour concern and care!

(Making a scary time much easier! )

Our patient, a nurse, expressed her appreciation for her CCU care. She stated,  "My hospital stay was magnificent. The care was superb. All the nurses and CNA's were very caring and right on the ball."

(CCU Care was great )

I just wanted to let the CEO know that the nurses and respiratory specialist who cared for me in March were truly amazing. The ER was great as well. I just moved out here and I have heard all sorts of stories about CGH. I found it to be very satisfying,even compared to other hospitals who have wounderful reputations. I'm not sure who all my caregivers were but if you could let them know their kindness was appreciated.

(CGH is really Good! )

We recently received this compliment from the wife of one of our patients. The patient has dementia and he had to stay overnight on Surgical floor for a couple of nights.  The wife said her husband has never spent a night in the hospital. She herself has had 8 surgeries and has been at many other hospitals. She told me "I have never seen anywhere better than CGH". She said that Vicky, Cynthia and Teresa gave awesome care and she couldn't have made it without them. They made their 2 days in the hospital so much better. She wanted to spend the night with her husband and Edson got a bed for her and even made it up for her. She really thought this was above and beyond!

(Surgical Unit Shines! )

Everyone was so nice there. Especially the 2 that I had in the "operatinng room" (Laura and Carmen). They were exceptional. We retired and were put on a different insurance plan which had us changing where we could go and we had always gone to Dixon. I was very ready for a change and have been so please with the care we've received in Sterling. We have been so happy with CGH, everyone you come into contact with is so nice!  Cathy was absolutely awesome! I do not like pain and she made sure that I was comfortable!

Dr. Powers, Laurie, and Barb were all very good.

Dr. Monteagudo, Laura, Laurie, Tara, and Barb were wonderful.

Kris was just absolutely fantastic; she was right there.

Cathy and every one else did a good job.

My nurse was Barb, she was so sweet and so caring. She's just amazing.

I've seen a lot of doctors recently, and really appreciated when Dr. Gaziano talks with me in a way I can understand.

Barb, she was exceptionall good, Dr. Gaziano is exceptional; Mary Ellen was good.  I couldn't have asked for better care.

Kris, Mendy and Laura were all very nice. And Dr. Monte too.

Serena that did my IV, she was excellent.

Everyone that I came into contact with was really good. I had a Laura and a Laurie.

(Great Compliments for our Digestive Disease Center )

Barb in DDC was excellent.  She took really good care of me.

(Barb in DDC was excellent! )

Amanda in the Emergency Department was great. I was petrified of needles and am a very hard needle stick. Amanda was patient, caring, and took her time. I will never forget her name, and if I am ever a patient in the ER again, I want her to be my nurse.

(Amanda in the ED is GREAT! )

I have to commend the lady who came in to draw my blood. I am a very difficult draw and she did miss the first try but she was so sweet and so apologetic and sincere. This woman had awesome customer service skills.  Thanks to Melissa in our lab.


(Compliments to Melissa in the lab )

I just wanted to let you know we have been hearing great reviews from the new food and room service in OB.  My father in law was just a patient in CCU and one of the first things he said was how great the food was.     

They very much appreciated being able to pay and order food for my mother in law also.  You have a great staff and they are very appreciated.

(Great Food! )

Yesterday my mother was in your ER from sometime in the afternoon until after 7pm due to dementia issues.  Once again the sensitivity, support, and knowledge of you staff was a gift.  Just wanted to let you know everyone was wonderful!  Thank-you


(Consistently great care in the Emergency Dept. )

The patient advocate got a call saying the following:  "I was in the ED last night with my 2-year-old son and it was a fantastic visit.  Amanda, Abigail, Dr. Giles, and the radiation techs were all just wonderful.  I could notice the difference in the care from several months ago.  Everyone was so nice and kind and patient with my son.  I really appreciate it and the changes you are making.  Keep up the good work."

(Call about GREAT ED Care )

Just wanted to say that the staff is really great!  You can see how well trained they are. I was at admitting then x-ray then lab. They ALL were cordial, professional, caring and compassionate!

(Cordial, professional, caring and compassionate! )

I had my daughter in ER several years ago and was going to write about how dissapointed I was in the care given to her. My husband and I took her there on Jan. 28th.I was very impressed with the care what a difference since the last time I took her. The nurses and ED doctor were very good. There has been such an improvement.  She was sent up on 3rd floor and they were great also.  Good job and thanks for the great care.

(Noticed a Change!! )

Just wanted to let you know that I was in the hospital recently and got to experience the new menu! Just wanted to let you know it's a great idea and fun to be able to pick the meals and have so many choices!!

Great idea and great job!!


(Fabulous Food! )

A note left by one of our patients this week said:  "Thak You!  Gracias!  Thanks. Great           service, respect, attention, to all of us, patient, visitor, family, and everybody on every aspect, very satisfied."

(Excellence on the surgical floor )

Patient called to say that she fell in her home last night. "I had to call 911 because I'm in a wheelchair and can't get myself up. The EMT Jacob was really good. He talked to me about exactly how he was going to pick me up off the floor so then I knew what he was doing and I could help him. Then he stuck around a few minutes talking to me checking to see if I was going to be OK. He was very nice."


(Praise for Pre-Hospital Crew )

A  5-year old-boy had his jacket cut off in the ER. He was a child in foster care. 

One of the nurses had someone in her family buy the child a new winter coat and bring it in and she gave it to him.

(WOW--That's Caring! )

Two weeks ago a young man was driving from Chicago to Quad Cities. He totaled his car and was brought to ED.  His parents were in Florida and he had no way to get home. One of your nurses drove him home to Chicago after she got off work.

(Great Service )

A wife of patient reported that her husband's life was saved by the Home Care Nurse. She went out on a home visit, assessed a life-threatening arrhythmia, reported it and sent patient to the ED.

(Home Care nurse saves a life )

As an employee I wanted to let you know about the exceptional care my child received the past week.  Courtney was outstanding and patient when attempting an IV.  I cannot say enough good things about the pediatric staff, not one could be singled out above the rest.  They too were very patient, kind  and considerate. Dr. Malki, Dr Donut, Dr Dang, Dr Powers, and Dr Mench and the admitting ER Physician were also very professional and compassionate about her pain issues. Thanks also to my co-worker who helped me out by working part of my shift and so pleased a patient, that he wrote her a service excellence award.  You should be very proud, as I am, of the staff here at CGH.


(Great care for my child )

"I have visited your ER several times the last two months. Each time I have been there I was cared for by a nurse named Melissa. She is absolutely great. I know they are very busy and she always makes me feel like I'm the only person there."   FANTASTIC work, Melissa. Congratulations and thank you.

(ED care is GREAT! )

The patient advocate got a call from a lady who stated "The TEE (trans-esophageal echo) CD was not sent to Northwestern with the ambulance and they needed it. Kathy G. from Cardiolab tried on the phone to help them get the info via computer. They were unable to get it electronically because of their security walls. Polly N. was going to drive into Chicago to deliver it, but Kathy said she would do it. When the family protested she said, "I'm off tomorrow and I'm not going to argue with you. I'm bringing it in."  So she and her husband drove into Chicago to Northwestern Hospital and hand delivered the CD to us at the door of the hospital. All your nurses were wonderful and your ER was absolutely awesome and life-saving. But Kathy, what can you say about someone who would do this for a stranger?" 


(Amazing Customer Service Story )

"Fresh Creations Room Service is TERRIFIC!  You eat when you want and what you want!  And the food is delicious!  My husband had the Hearty Breakfast and I had the Veggie Omelet this morning.  Very Good.  This is his second day here and he had three different people bring his meals and each one was very cheerful and pleasant.  Thank You!"

(Fresh Creations is Wonderful )

As Assistant Manager on the Surgical floor part of my duties include daily patient rounding.  Today I spoke at length with a patient and she was very complimentary of Dr. DeFranco and his staff and shared with me that she waited until Dr. arrived to have this surgery instead of going somewhere else.  She is very confident in Dr.'s abilities and happy with the care she received from him after her surgery. 

(Dr. DeFranco is wonderful )

As Assistant Manager on the Surgical floor, part of my duties include daily patient rounding.  Today I spoke at length with one of our patients and she was very complimentary of Dr. Michael DeFranco and his staff and shared with me that she waited until he arrived to have this surgery instead of going somewhere else.  She is very confident in Dr. DeFranco's abilities and happy with the care she received from him after her surgery. 

(Dr. DeFranco is wonderful )

From our Surgical Unit Assistan Nurse Manager:  "During my daily rounding with patients, one of them mentioned how fortunate he is to have met Dr. Schmelzel and have the privilege of his services several years ago for surgery and this hospital stay.  In fact, he shared with me that he waited until Monday to come to the hospital despite being in extreme pain over the weekend because he thought Dr. would be in the office on Monday. 

(Dr. Schmelzel is wonderful )

Patient called the patient advocate and stated, "I had a sleep study and the young lady who did it (Cari J.) was excellent, knowledgeable and very professional, although she was due in 2 weeks. With great patience and caring she took the time to explain everything and she made sure my husband was very aware of what was happening. She was absolutely over the top at her job."

(Sleep Lab was GREAT )

A patient called our patient advocate stating, "I was in CCU about a month ago and I was so sick I only remember things vaguely, but I clearly remember how wonderful the staff was, all of them. But especially Priscilla. I know I was getting very ornery with them and the worse I got, the nicer they were. They explained things to me over and over, what was happening, why I had to be out of bed, why I felt so sick, they just took a lot of time to reassure me. I would like to thank them all.

Then yesterday, I had to have blood gases drawn and they always have a hard time doing it. I stayed up all night worrying about it and when I got to lab I started crying and I told Char I was going to have to back out of it and leave. She just talked to me so gently and so sweetly and she promised to stay with me and she did. The whole time, and they had a hard time, she held my other hand and kept reassuring me and when they were done, she walked me all the way down to the front exit to make sure I was all right. She was just incredible. All the techs were, they were just telling me how good I was doing and how sorry they were that they had to keep trying. Their kindness and patience were just above and beyond. And Char was an angel."


(Incredible Review )

The family of a patient told us that the ED nurse, Courtney, was awesome and went way above and beyond the cal of duty.  She was very concerned about our son, gave us her phone number so we could call her if we needed anything, sent our son a get well balloon, and made sure that we were settled into a new room on the 2nd floor. and had everything we needed.  She was more than great!  Thanks Courtney. 

(Awesome ED nurse )

The family of a patient told us that the ED nurse, Courtney, was awesome and went way above and beyond the cal of duty.  She was very concerned about our son, gave us her phone number so we could call her if we needed anything, sent our son a get well balloon, and made sure that we were settled into a new room on the 2nd floor. and had everything we needed.  She was more than great!  Thanks Courtney. 

(Awesome ED nurse )

On Saturday, December 10th, my son was treated in your Emergency Department.  He had been wrestling at Sterling High School and was elbowed int he eye which lacerated his eyelid.  I wanted to acknowledge all of your ER personnel from the registration, triage, nurses and doctor for the wonderful treatment.  They were very conscious of ehlping him get back to the tournament quicklly and used great judgement as to his treatment.  Tooo often personel are not recognized for great treatment and I wanted to bring to your attention how awesome your ER staff was to us that day. please let them know how much they were appreciated.

(Great ED Care )

From our patient  advocate:

I spoke with a woman in our ED. She stated, "Today, I have received the best care I have ever had. I've been treated like a person. They trusted me and listened to my story and took care of my pain. Because of my history, I usually get treated with disdain, like, "We know you're an addict and we know what you want." Here, Dr. and the nurse listened to me and it is a big thing when they listen. They didn't stereotype me. They listened to every word I said, and they did an amazing job. They have treated me with respect and caring.  Dr. treated my pain quickly and completely. The nurse has been in here constantly checking on me asking if there is anything I need. I needed to let someone know that these two wonderful people really made a difference today."



(Caring and compassion in the ED )

I got this report from ED registration. "Last night H.L. Browning, our ED volunteer was absolutely wonderful. A lady had been here for treatment, and was released,  and we had called for a cab. She was out by the door waiting for the cab where nobody could see her….nobody but HL. He realized something was wrong and went to her. He was calm and cool and called out for help while he kept her from falling as she was having a seizure. He was just fabulous and went way above and beyond, not just to help us care for the lady but also to protect her from harm. I know volunteers can't be Employee of the Month but he needs to be recognized as a true hero!"  

Acts of heroism are all around us, friends. We give recognition and thanks to all who help us with our mission of caring.

(From the Patient Advocate )

I got a call to go to Emergency Department to talk to a family who "insisted" on speaking to me in person.  This is what they said to me:

"We had my 22 month old grandson here on Monday night.  He had been to see doctors numerous times in the last month. Pat Colledge did an X-Ray and noticed his enlarged heart and labs were off and she right away diagnosed his leukemia. She got him to St. Francis in Peoria where he could be close to St. Jude's.  Pat went over and above in taking care of him. She thanked us for bringing him in because he was a very sick child. She even asked us to please call and let her know how he is doing at St. Francis. It's a rare form of leukemia and he's in Memphis now and not expected to live. We are so impressed with Pat. As soon as we told her the symptoms, she ordered the X-Rays and lab and got him to the care he needed. The nurse also was wonderful. She was so kind and sweet with him and she even rode in the ambulance with him to Peoria. We can't thank them enough for what they did for him and for us. Please let them and everybody else know that our family will be forever thankful to them for their goodness."  

Thank you Pat and Andrea,  for your skill and your kindness and concern. That at such a time, this family would take to the time to express how they feel about your care of their little boy is an amazing tribute.



(A compliment to our patient advocate )

I went to the ED on Friday morning believing I might be having a heart attack.  The care I received from the nurse and two doctors was wonderful.  The nurse truly had a lot of compassion for me and told me step by step what was going to happen and when.  Dr. Galle was also extremely patient and thorough with his exam and protocol.  When I went for my stress test Dr. Maxwell was waiting patiently and immediately told me that my heart was definitely not the problem and he hoped that I was able to find out what else could be going on. 

I know you usually hear the "poor" things that happen at the ED, but the 5 or so hours I was there seemed to fly by.  I very much respected the care I received that morning. 

I do not have any forms, but wanted the 3 of them to know how much I appreciated their concern and assistance at a time that was very uncomfortable for me.

(Incredible care in the ED )

"I was a patient in another hospital and it has made me really appreciate CGH. The difference is like night and day. Here everyone smiles and welcomes you. I came in for PT and two nurses who were out there on break just jumped up and helped me out of the car and into PT. And the food is just wonderful here."

(Great care and food! )

After being broadsided by a fully loaded cement truck I was brought to your ER and admitted. My nurse was outstanding. She clearly separated herself from the average nurse. She was diligent about making sure my pain was under control. We were three hours from home after an MVA. She went out of her way to make sure my husband had meal vouchers and pillows and blankets. She offered him a place to shower. She was concerned that he take care of himself and she kept reassuring him that I was going to be all right. She was outstanding. She apologized every time she woke me up explaining that she had to do neuro checks and she explained the rationale for everything she did. The EMT's from what I recall, were wonderful. I don't recall the ER but my husband does and he raves about all of them, the PA, the nurses, the CNA's the lab and CT techs, they were all kind and kept him very much in the loop. He says all the nurses in the ER were outstanding, but there was this one gem, she gave my husband her I-phone charger from her car. We have one kid in Omaha and a daughter in Wisconsin. My car was totaled and towed and my charger was in it. Communication was crucial. The nurse's husband was one of the paramedics on the scene and she sent him to the totaled car to get my bag and my husband's ID. We had nothing with us. She gave my husband meal tickets. She went above and beyond totally accommodating to make sure family needs were met. My kids could be reassured so they didn't come running. I'm a nurse practitioner and a college nursing professor, and no one knew this. My care was top notch. The hospitalist was personable and took time to talk to both of us with respect and kindness. Your people are dedicated, compassionate and professional.  I recall there was some discussion of helicoptering me to Rockford but I thank God we were taken to your hospital.

(Heavenly compliments! )

The sister of one of our patients called the patient advocate.  She said, "Dr. Schmelzel is great. His compassion and good humored optimism have gotten us through some tough times. He doesn't see our sister as a quadriplegic or a piece of a person. He sees her and treats her as the funny, smart woman that she is and he is always mindful of her humanity. He is nothing short of an angel sent from God." 

(Great compliment for Dr. Schmelzel )

A Gentleman stopped by HR, wrote this note to the CEO and said THANKS!

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that you should be very proud of your operation her in Sterling, IL.  I've been in and out of many hospital and clinic facilities and just wanted to let you know how professional, courteous, polite and intelligent the staff was. 

Dr. Mench, Missy, RN, Mark, CNA, etc.  They fixed my medical problem all with pleasant smiles and sensitivity.  Thank you.  Your facility, and most of all, your staff are an asset to the community. 

(Wonderful ER Visit )

Just got a phone call from wife of a patient .

She stated, "I had my husband in the ER on Wednesday. I felt I should also call you to tell you what a great experience we had. My husband had great care. Dr. Galle came in and he talked to us and explained everything and was so kind and so careful to make sure we understood everything. The nurses who took care of him were great. One nurse came in and said, "I will be his nurse. Have you had anything to eat?"  I told her I had not but would get something when I got home. She brought me a ham sandwich and a drink so I could stay with him. I can't tell you what that kindness meant to me. My husband says he was very impressed with the care and the caring. He is doing much better now and we are both thankful for CGH's ER."


(Thanks for the wonderful care )

We got excellent care from everyone, and the doctors really listened and cared.

(Comments on follow-up call )

When my elderly father was a patient at CGH recently, I saw firsthand what a dedicated community of staff CGH has. The care he received there was second to none, and no matter what job title a person posessed there...every single one I encountered went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Walking down the hallways, I always received a smile and a greeting or a "Can I help you find your way?" I would highly recommend CGH to others.


(Testimonial from the Website )

To Whom It May Concern:

Sending along this note to let you know that everything from the beginning in the emergency ward to include all night in my room and the meds and etc. to include all the staff on duty; left no stone unturned to take care of my serious dilemma.  I rate al services Very Good!

(A Note In the Mail )

A patient called and wanted to talk about her experience.  She said that the ED was fantastic in spite of the fact that they were incredibly busy.  She also cited several nurses and aides on 3 East for giving her extra special care.  She said that people did great with introductions, asked what she wanted to be called and mostly used that name, knocked before entering her room, explained things and kept it quiet at night.   She was very complimentary of our care.

(Good Care on 3 East and in the ED )

A man stopped by the office of the director of service excellence..  He said his mother was in the CCU and he was overwhelmed with the quality of the care and the service she is receiving.  He was really curious about what we were doing because he said, "It shows and it is working!"  He said, "Everyone is wonderful.  They go out of their way to do anything extra they can." 


(Great Care for My Mother! )

Today a patient's wife told me this story:  "We moved her from Las Vegas 3 months ago.  There is no comparison.  My husband has received the very BEST care ever.  There you would never get a bath and no one would ever answer your call bell if you turmed it on.  Here my husband has had a bath every day, they come right away if we turn on the light, and everyone is so nice.  Elliot, Priscilla and Jodi in the CCU are excellent!  We cannot say enough about this hospital."

(No comparison! )

A patient from Sycamore who was in our ED over the week-end stated, "I have never been treated so well in my life. They were very busy but it only took two hours to get seen, and the nurses were in all the time checking on me. I had pain medication, x-rays and wrapping of my ankle all with such a good caring attitude. I had to be treated at my local hospital ED a while back and I had a seven hour wait and people were not nice to me. People here don't realize how good they have it!

(Emergency Care beyond compare! )

A volunteer came to the patient advocate office recently to tell about her experience with Dr. Gowda. She stated, "Dr. Gowda and his nurse are just wonderful. They both kept checking up on me and making sure I was comfortable. They explained everything, always anticipating my questions, and letting me know what's happening. They also made sure my family was kept informed of what was going on. The whole experience was just great. "

(Great CGH Experience )

I was recently On the OB floor to be induced to have my first child. I was so scared. The nurses could not have been any nicer to me and my family. We all planned on an easy labor but my son had different plans and after about 12 hours of labor the great doctors decided that we were going to have an emergency c-section. Lisa (who was actually my mother's nurse when I was born) stayed with me the whole time. She even stayed over to come and take pictures for us in the operating room.

(Excellence in OB )

Everyone in OB that I had during my delivery and 5 day stay couldnt have been nicer or better! They are all excellent at their jobs! All the staff on the OB floor, Dr. Tugwell, Dr.Reter and the surgical staff made me feel so important and great. I will definitely be recommending CGH to my friends and family to have their children. I will also be coming back to have my future children here. CGH has the best staff you could ask for! I really appreciate everything they all did. You are all Angels!

(GREAT OB care )

Just wanted to let you know how proud I am to work for a boss like Lisa.

Today, Dr. Schmelzel called and said that he was bringing up a n emergency case.  I made my calls to get the case pulled etc. and rushed past Lisa's office to let her know what was going on.  She didn't really say anything to me, but next thing I knew—she had changed her clothes and was opening the case.  All of our staff was already working in scheduled cases so DeDe, Lisa and I were the only free people at the time.  Lisa scrubbed in and set up the case while DeDe and I ran the room with Dr. Grazulis. 

I think it speaks volumes that she is still able to "work in the trenches" when push comes to shove.  It's  true, no job is beneath her.  I have seen her mop floors, pick up trash and wash dirty instruments.  She goes wherever, whenever the need arises.  I enjoy working for her and with her.  I think she is a rare find here at CGH.

(Proud to work with Lisa )

The wife of an ED patient stated, "My husband was very dizzy and weak. A young doctor in the ER helped my husband get into a wheelchair, and when I needed some water to give my husband his medicine he went and got me a cup of water. I could see they were very busy there but his patience, kindness and attentiveness were above and beyond. I told him he must have more important things to do and he just smiled and said he was glad to help."

(Way Above and Beyond! )

Please accept this thank you in honor of all those people who were so good to me during my recent hospital stay.  This includes the ambulance drivers, Emergency Room personnel, everyone on the 3rd floor, food service, several doctors and of course, my primary physician, Dr. Paul Steinke.  Their care and concern and professional conduct helped make a scary situation more bearable.

(Letter to the Staff on Medical Unit )

I want to say a thank you to Jennifer from ER reception and Paul from Maintenance.  I forgot my key and badge and was unable to get into the clinic this morning.  They were both very helpful – thank you!

(Great employees helping other employees! )

My husband was hospitalized 08/13/11 in CCU. The staff from the emergency room to nurses on 4th floor, Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Gundi were excellent. We no longer live in Sterling and have moved to the Quad Cities. We were in the area when my huband needed medical attention. I was proud of CGH and how they handled the situation. Thank You.

(Proud of CGH! )

A lady stopped by the volunteer's desk and wanted the following reported: She was just in X-ray and Sheila and Penny were excellent and competent and took extra good care of her. She wanted them recognized.

Thank you Sheila and Penny. Proud to be on your team.

(A Compliment about an X-Ray Experience )

I saw Meredith Johnson today. She was awesome! I dread these appointments but Meredith made me feel so comfortable. She welcomed all my questions with answers I clearly understood, never once making me feel like I just asked a stupid question. Everything she did showed that she truly cared which meant a lot to me, so I just wanted her to know that what she did for me today truly meant a lot. Thank you, Meredith.

(Meredith Johnson testimonial )

I was in the hospital on 7/19/11 and found everyone to be reassuring and comforting.  I was not too nervous and I was most imporessed with how everyone was so helpful, considerate and calmed my fears.  Thanks for great care.

(Comments from "Speak About Your Experience" )

Today a patient called me to share a huge compliment for one of nuclear med techs. She said, "I had a procedure last Friday and I had excellent care. Sarah was the sweetest, kindest person. I'm a very hard stick and when she didn't get it the first time she apologized and said, "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm getting someone else." I actually felt bad for her and insisted she try again. And throughout  the procedure, every step of the way, she told me what was happening, what was going to happen, she told me on the screen what she was seeing and what she was looking for. She told me I might get nauseous and when I did, she kept telling me to breathe deeply and relax. I can't begin to describe the kindness and the patience I was shown. To begin with I'm terrified of procedures. She relaxed me so much with her gentleness. I've never had such care. This young girl was just amazing. She couldn't have treated me better if I was her own mother. I just want to thank her and to let CGH know what a jewel they have in this employee. She's not just doing a job. She's really caring for others."

WOW!  Congratulations Sarah. What a testimony to your professionalism and humanity.

(Huge Compliment for Sarah )

I just wanted to give a big shout out to the nursing staff on Surgical.  Peggy, Lesley, Erika, Molly & Stephanie all took great care of my Mom (and countless support staff as well).

 My mother was in a lot of pain after a pretty traumatic injury and the following surgery.

 Her care could not have been better.  Each person we worked with was professional, courteous and caring.  Every nurse built a personal relationship with my family.  They always met my Mom's needs and did everything possible to help with the healing process.  They all showed their absolute best.

 I sincerely hope that you'll recognize their efforts.  CGH really is a family and I am so grateful to get the chance to work with such great people.

 Thank you,


(Great Care For My Mother )

Today I received a call from the daughter of a gentleman seen in the ED last Thursday (7/14/11).

She said the doctor, Chris, Anthony, and Jacob were AWESOME.  She especially noted your efforts to handle her father's pain and how the staff comforted him. The daughter told how her father was in tremendous pain and the staff worked especially hard to keep him talking about other things to take his mind off the pain.  She thought they were wonderful.

(Wonderful Care in the ED )

Dr. Bowman is just wonderful.  I cannot give her enough praise.  We are very thankful for the walk-in clinic.  And we would love to have Dr. Bowman as our primary doctor. 

(Love the walk-in clinic! )

We received a very nice note and home-made cinnamon rolls from a patient who was in our ED on Friday with an anaphylactic reaction from an insect bite.  We put rolls in Cindy and Missi's locker and made sure Dr. got one also.  They were the ones that took care of the patient.  The patient's wife was extremely impressed with how quickly everyone thought and acted and said she was sure we saved his life.  She was pretty happy.

(Saving Lives )

I was a patient in the Emergency Department on Friday for about 7 hours.  I wanted to write you a note to let you know what great care I received.  The care was exceptional throughout the day, but I wanted to point out two people that were above and beyond in my experience.  Mark was fantastic.  He came in and checked on me throughout my stay and was very attentive to my needs. His regular checking on my condition and his customer service in doing so made my stay in the ED much more bearable!

Kris in cardio was also fantastic.  She kept me calm during my testing and her customer service skills were exceptional.  She stood out for both my wife and me as someone who should be recognized for how she handles patients!

I received great care and attention from everyone, but when I got home that night my wife was quick to point out these two caregivers as being exceptional!


(A Wonderful ED Experience )

A patient's husband came to my office this morning. He stated, "My wife is in CCU and they are sending her to the Medical floor and they are just going to keep her comfortable. I wanted to tell someone how grateful I am for all the care she has always received at CGH. Starting in the ER where they were just so good to both of us and so compassionate. In the CCU they are so sweet and so kind.  I've been here on just every floor and you couldn't ask for anything better. I've always had the best of care here and my wife is getting better than the best. I want to thank everybody."

(Incredible compliments! )

The nursing staff on 3 East is amazing! No matter how busy they were, everyone was unfailingly friendly and provided wonderful care during my mother's recent stay. Their cheerfulness and sense of humor made such a difference. Special thanks to Mom's remarkable day nurse to whom we owe more than we can say. I live downstate but should I require hospitalization I'd like my doctor to transfer me to CGH!

(Awesome Compliment! )

"I had my son in the ER yesterday and I want to comment on the care we received. I was very impressed.  They (the staff) were absolutely awesome and wonderful. They didn't mind that my son screamed through his stitches. They were so patient and loving and I want to thank them. I really appreciated how warm and caring they were to him. We go in with him hurt in a bad situation and we left there with a positive attitude."


(A call to the ED Director )

Sent to the Diurector of Service Excellence:

"This is a great stroy about my life.  I would like 6 copies please.  Thank You so much for caring about others in your life.  This is great what you do."

(Regarding My Living History Story )

The Director of Service Excellence got a call today from the daughter of a patient who was here last week.  She said: "I know you always hear the bad stuff, but i wanted to call and tell you that my mother was treated just wonderfully.  Everyone on the floor (3 East) was great, but one nurse, Michele, was just fantastic.  She really went the extra mile.  They were all good, but she really stood out."  The daughter wanted to know how to make sure that Michele heard about the compliment!

How Cool is That!?

(Kudos for 3 East )

A recent patient stopped in the patient advocate's office to tell about her CGH Experience. "I was so sick and came to your ER and they were all wonderful and kind and attentive. Even the transporter who took me up to the room was a sweetheart. Then I was on third floor and every nurse, every CNA was more than willing to do what I asked. One night I was hurting and had a great big knot in my back and my nurse got some lotion and massaged it until it went away. My husband was treated well and asked if he would like coffee or something to drink. I was told what was going on and one time when my blood pressure was really low and I kept getting dizzy, my nurse said it was too low and she was going to hold my medicine. My CNA always made sure I had ice water and every time I got out of bed to use the bathroom, when I got back to my bed it had been straightened out so nice.

I've been a patient in this hospital and I've been here with my parents and my husband in the past and I can see tremendous improvement. I felt like I was treated like a queen. They all of them, acted like they couldn't do enough for me. The food was wonderful and varied and the cleaning people were so sweet and friendly. My roommate told me this was the first time she had ever been at CGH but she had been in several hospitals and she said she never had seen such care or been treated as well as she was here. She said to me, "They must really hand pick their staff." And then, just to top the cake with icing, I got a thank you card and all my nurses signed it. I showed it to all my friends and family. What a nice touch. Please tell them how much I appreciated everything that was done for me."




An Emergency Department patient called to thank Leann and Dr. Chamberlain for the great care she got while in the ED Tuesday.  She said she's sure she's walking today because of the great care she got.  She was also very appreciative of the help Leann gave her with her insurance information.

(Kudos to ED )

A recent patient stated, "I was in for outpatient surgery and they were just wonderful and so caring. They took very prompt care of my pain and they made sure I got some sleep. All the staff was attentive and kind, but  I especially want to recognize Paulette  & Sarah."  Congratulations Surgery Team. How awesome is it when a patient doesn't even talk about the surgery, but the excellence of the staff?

(Excellent Care for Surgery! )

Thank you so much for "rounding" with my Dad and family this afternoon. It just feels so right to be able to talk through the bumps. It is the kind of thing that will leave a good lasting impression. It is great information to bring back for our staff.  

It is nice for a hospital to have a lot of fancy and expensive tools. It is the priceless tools like talking one on one, and getting the feeling that you have been heard and that it will make a difference for the next time or the next person that will boost the healing process just as much, if not more. 

Thanks for giving the personal touch.

(Nurse Leader Rounding Really Does Matter )

Regarding my mother's stay in your hospital Feb 20-22, 2011

"The nursing staff is exceptional. I base this on past visits I have had with Chicago, Rockford, and DeKalb hospitals. The care given to my mother by the nurses was extremely commendable. When she rang for assistance they were there within a very reasonable amount of time. They were personable and gave medication as determined by her list of prescriptions medications. Overall, the concern and care shown by the nurses was very good. One very commendable behavior was shown by the doctor, the nurses, even the dining and cleaning staff. Every time they came into the room, they showed the respect to my mother by looking at her and talking to her. I have been in the same situation before and the staff usually addresses me before the patient. That kind of behavior is very demeaning to an older person. Your staff did not do that and I find that rewarding."



(Awesome Praise for Many! )

My mother works at St. Mary's Parish Center and just called to say that Father received the Living History information for a parishioner who recently passed.  He wanted to tell CGH that this is a wonderful accounting of the person's life and he will use it for the funeral.

(Love the Living History Program! )

A customer called to tell us about her mother in law's care.  She said, "I have to tell you this. The bright spot in the whole thing was Dr. Binns. He was absolutely wonderful. He listens to you, he talks to you like you matter to him. He is the best ER doctor ever."


(A great doctor in the ER )

A customer called today to say that her husband had three visits to our Emergency Department and each time  he had "excellent care."

"He was very anxious and Dr. Arriviello was wonderful. He joked with him and put him at ease. It seems each time he came in he had a different "Kathy" for a nurse and they were all absolutely great. We drive from Dixon to CGH because our experience here has always been outstanding."

(Excellence in the ED: Times Three )

A patient called today and was so concerned that she had lost her survey and would not be able to send it back in.  She was afraid that we would think that she did not like us.  She said that was absolutely not the case.

She said that "from the ED to the discharge everyone was exceptionally nice. " She was admitted to 2 East and the nurses were "just great."  She said they found her a fan when she needed it, and "everyone was absolutely wonderful."

(Great Care from start to stop )

A patient called today and was so concerned that she had lost her survey and would not be able to send it back in.  She was afraid that we would think that she did not like us.  She said that was absolutely not the case.

She said that "from the ED to the discharge everyone was exceptionally nice. " She was admitted to 2 East and the nurses were "just great."  She said they found her a fan when she needed it, and "everyone was absolutely wonderful."


(Everyone was wonderful! )

My husband was in your hospital on the Medical Floor and everyone, the hospitalists, the nurses, the CNA's were all fantastic. Housekeeping staff was so pleasant and did such a great job. Dietary, even on his special diet, tried to make everything good and they asked him always if there was anything that they could get for him. And they were so nice to me. I was always included. They always kept us informed. Everyone there was fabulous. Thank you for the wonderful care we have right here in town. Because of his health issues, we've been to other hospitals where there were alternative attitudes and we've always had the best care right here at home. We are so blessed to have such a great hospital.



Lynette Ebersole, (permission to use name), wanted to recognize the care her grandfather received at CGH.  She stated, "The ER was wonderful. Dr. Mench was so good. He had to convey bad news to the family and he was very gracious, very gentle, taking time to explain everything and answer all questions to the best of his ability. He went from there to CCU. I can't say enough about them. The aides were wonderful. They took time to encourage him to eat and it would take him an hour to eat. They would get trays for grandma at night so she could stay with him. The surgical floor was amazing. They not only cared for my grampa, they took care of grandma too.  He went home and fell and came back in. the ambulance staff were very very good. Very gentle with him and with grandma. He went to medical floor and they were busier than busy. Dr. Jundi called to tell us he thought grampa stroked. He was so caring and so good. His kindness was wonderful. Michelle and  Andrea were excellent. Anne was awesome and took such loving care of the family. Anita Johnson was awesome with a professionalism and a sense of humor. Sue who was with him til the end, she's the epitome of nursing-- reassuring the family, talking to a comatose patient, explaining everything. And Jason, he found out my grampa was a Merrill's Marauder. He went above and beyond and got on the computer and looked it up and got information for the family. We had no idea what our grampa had gone through. Jason not only gave wonderful care, but he told the family how proud he was to be caring for my grampa.

(Great Care for my Grandfather! )

One of the ED nurse leaders was called to the lobby to speak with a patient.  She said she was here Tuesday and it was swamped and she had "the most awesome nurse".  She said Kevin took care of her and was so calm and patient.  She meant to say something that day but had a lot going on so she made sure she came today and passed along the compliment.



(Awesome Care in the ED )

I just wanted to share with you something that a visitor told me in my labor room today.  Her cell phone rang and she confirmed with me that it was the hospital's number on her caller ID.  After answering a few questions and hanging up she turned to me and said, "That was so nice.  The ER nurse called me to see how I was doing since I was at the ER the other night."  She had only positive things to say about it.  You certainly impressed her.

So it's working!

Lisa Vos, RNC


(It's Working )

One of our patients came to the office of Tita Roach, the patient advocate today.  She stated, "I didn't appreciate how great your Dietary department is until I was at another hospital for my knee surgery. I got sick afterwards and asked for a plain chicken breast and was told, "No, all we have today is beef stew." Here the food is marvelous and it's hot and they are so accommodating with so many choices. If I had stayed there much longer, I would have lost a lot of weight. The food is better here, and so is the care."

(Dietary is GREAT! )

EXCEPTIONAL care that Exceeded Expectations!  

Mrs. Jim Blair called our patient advocate, Tita Roach, with some superb compliments for a nurse on the surgical floor. She stated, "My husband was on the surgical floor and everyone was great, but there was this exceptional nurse, Jean Decker. She was there every step of the way with us. Kind and caring throughout and thoroughly professional. She asked me, "As the wife, how are you doing?" He was bleeding badly and she just stayed with him. She changed him to a private room so I could be there with him. If we pushed that light, she was right there. She always made sure I had everything I needed. But what I will never forget, she gave me hugs. I was exhausted and worried and she just hugged me and was so reassuring. She just kept saying, "Everything will be OK. He will be OK and you will be OK. She was working a 12-hour shift and she stayed right with Jim until the next person showed up. Then she told the next nurse, not only what she needed to do for Jim, but what she needed to do for me. She was so much more than I ever expected, yet everything we needed. Please thank her for us and give whatever recognition you can."

(Great Care on 2 East )

My daughter was recently a surgical patient on 2 East and I was so impressed.  I thought they treated her really well, but I was so pleased with the way they treated me as a family member.  They were so nice and considerate of my comfort and made sure that I felt welcomed as a visitor. 

A new volunteer at CGH

(GREAT Care on 2 East! )

We brought in one very sick child with special needs.  She is very hard to treat, doesn't understand and doesn't like to be touched.  We had excellent service. They couldn't have treated her better.

(Kudos to Peds Staff )

As told by Tita Roach:  "One of the volunteers was telling me about her experience having an MRI. She stated, 'I was really nervous and they were just wonderful. They just kept talking to me explaining everything, telling me how many of these they do in a week and just how long everything would take. They put a cool washcloth over my eyes and made me so comfortable, it was over before I knew it.'  When she finished, a second volunteer said, 'That was my experience too. They are just the nicest, most patient people."' Thank you MRI crew!

(Kudos to MRI )

I just wanted to let you know that I had marvelous care from the moment I came into the moment I left. I had not been a patient in the hospital since I gave birth to my son 13 years ago.   Courtney, Kris , and Shannon were very good to me when I came and started my work up right away.  The ER was extremely busy that night.  Dr. Dunleavy was wonderful and made me feel at ease. I cannot say enough kind words about any of them to express how good they were to me.   

The girls on 2 East took very good care of me.  They called the Dr. all the time, gave meds, dumped my basin, and left me to suffer in peace, which was my request.  Dr McGlone was very nice and charming as always. Drs. Blazquez and Provow, who managed my care, are top notch at all times and took very good care of my needs while I was here.  They went above and beyond to make me comfortable.

The 2 East nursing I could not rave about more…. They were perfect in every way possible.   Dr Gaziano made an exception for me and placed me on the scope list on Wednesday so I did not have to wait for 1 week for the test.   He came over from his office to talk to me and to explained what he thought.  He called me in my room to see how I was;  I have to tell you that was wonderful!  He was great during my care in DDC. The girls in DDC before  and during procedure were very good to me also. I felt I had a wonderful experience for what I was here for…… Please note there was not one moment  I felt uncomfortable with the care. They were excellent.                      

Thank You, 

DH, a grateful patient

(Great Care!! )

Mrs. LJ  came in my office and said, "I need to talk to you about your hospital."  She began. "My husband had a heart attack in October of 2009.  He has been in and out of this hospital a dozen times.

Julia and Lynette are wonderful at what they do. They take so much time to explain things and they are so sensitive and caring.

Matt on 3rd has such a nice way with people. Betty and Julie in CCU are so good. I almost always stay with him when he's here and they find me a chair to sleep in and bring me coffee, like I was a patient too.

He has been on every floor here and everybody has been wonderful. Dr. Mench is a wonderful doctor; very thorough and very friendly and really does his job well. Dr. Binns had to put chest tubes in him and he takes such care to explain what is happening and put me and my husband at ease. Dr. June is wonderful. He listens and explains everything and never makes me feel dumb for asking questions. 

Gayle, your volunteer in the ER, she is always smiling and jokes with me and you couldn't ask for a better person when you are scared. She just makes me feel better by being here. We were here 17 days over Christmas in December and the ER receptionists and Patty made me a plate of cookies. It meant so much to me.

Dr. Urbonas and Dr. Jim saved my husband's life when he had MRSA pneumonia. I will be eternally grateful to them. They still will see me in the hall and ask me how he's doing. And Dr. Kuhns, he is so thorough and so kind. I live in Dixon, but CGH is where I want my husband cared for because your wonderful people have always gone above and beyond what I expected. I can't remember all their names, but everyone has always been so respectful and understanding. I am so thankful for this hospital."

As told to Tita Roach, RN, Patient Advocate

(Thanks to EVERYONE! )

Even though I am on vacation I just want to share with you an experience that happened this past Saturday.

On Friday my labor/induction patient told her family when they went downstairs for lunch they had to get a piece of the banana cream pie if it was available. She said that she had a piece of it on a previous visit to CGH.  She said it was the best she had ever tasted and went on to describe it in detail.

My patient from Friday was my labor patient Saturday  (Again!?  If we don't get our work done, sometimes it is still there when we come back!).  I told her that I would call downstairs and have them save her a piece of banana cream pie if she would promise to have her baby for me that day.  A little bribery never hurts, does it?  The dietary girls called back and said that they were out of banana cream pie but they were making her a fresh one. 

How awesome is that?

She delivered  Saturday and so did dietary.  My coworkers saw to it that our patient had her banana cream pie.  THAT is what makes CGH special:  the small town, family feeling between the staff, the patients and their families.  I never intended for the dietary staff to make a pie especially for my patient.  I just wanted them to save her a piece.  They went above and beyond--as they do often for us.  It isn't OB staff that gets high satisfaction ratings all by themselves--it is every department pitching in to make it a positive experience for our patients and their families.Thank you so much for your help! 

Lisa Vos

(The Banana Creme Pie Story )

To the staff of CGH: I would just like to express what a GREAT Bunch of people you all are. I would like to thank you all for the super care my husband R.M. got.  I would like to take the time to especially thank these people:

·         Ann  CCU Nurse 2/14. Thanks for taking the time to explain and go over my questions. You put me at ease.

·         Betty  CNA  3rd floor 2/10. Thanks for taking the time to make us comfortable.

·         Laurie RN 3rdfloor 2/12. Thanks for the encouragement for our 3rd trip to the cath lab.

·         Norma and Dawn, Cath lab nurses on 2/12. I would like to thank you. Where would we be without you two?

Once again, we would like to just say that the "CGH Hilton" went above and beyond to take such great care of my husband. Bless you all.

(A Great Bunch of People at CGH )

Today, Monday Jan 31st I took my boyfriend,  to a local clinic to be seen by a doctor. The news we received was less than cheerful. We were told he needed many labs and procedures at CGH. Now, he has lived here in Northern Illinois for a matter of 3 months (to the day), he is unfamiliar with the area and doctors. He is also unemployed and uninsured, like many. So we take our stack of papers and instructions to CGH where we first met Tita, the patient advocate. She was amazing!  She directed us to where he needed to go to get financial help and get set up for all the procedures. She checked on us during our stay (we were there for some time....). As I waited for him, he was being shifted between two departments, she asked how I was doing and I gave her the update and suggested he hurry up so we can go eat. When he came out of the X-ray department he was giving me an update and Tita greeted us with 2 passes for the cafeteria!!  I was shocked!! We ate a delicious meal at the hospital, thanks to Tita!! I know that the next few weeks while we continue to get him back on the correct track health wise will be tough, but we won't forget Tita's kindness. 

 A grateful customer

(From a Grateful Customer )

From a patient on the medical floor:

There was this nurse with a German accent, I think her name was Andrea: She was wonderful. She was very calming. She explained everything. She would joke around to keep me at ease, but very appropriate and respectful. She's a perfect fit for what she's doing. You should have her train others how to act with people who are dealing with life and death situations and how to talk to people. She is not putting in her time. She loves her work and it shows. She was wonderful.

(Thanks Andrea )


I just wanted to send a special thank you to Angie, medical assistant in the Dermatology Department. I recently brought my father who is 73 and very reluctant to go to doctors in to see Dr. Moran. Three areas on my dad's face came back positive for basal cell carcinoma. During our initial consultation Angie immediately put my dad at ease. She also took time to thoroughly explain treatment. Her positive attitude and sense of humor made an otherwise unpleasant appointment more bearable. Thank you Angie.

(Thanks to staff in Derm Clinic )

I wanted to tell you that I had to come to the emergency room this past Saturday because my son had strep throat.  I just wanted to pass on that the ER staff was wonderful! 

They were extremely busy but all had smiles on their faces and made us feel like we were the only patients there.  Melissa was wonderful – she explained everything and was so good with my son (3 years old). I think her name was Pat – Nurse Practitioner was really nice as well! 

In the car on the way home my son didn't talk about any bad experiences (throat swabbing!) but only talked about how the nurse gave him an airplane ride and how the other nurse, Sandy, called him a sweetheart!   

(A Note to the CNO! )

Today I got a call from a mother who had her 7 year old daughter at CGH for an EEG.  She could not say enough great things about Jeanne and Kendra.  Of Jeanne she said, "She was incredibly wonderful.  She was gently and caring and kind to my child.  AND she was training another person (Kendra)."  She went on to say, "As a team, they worked to calm us.  My daughter was so frightened and so was I but they were excellent and really went the extra mile—no make that ten miles." 


(Kudos to ED Nurses )

The staff at the clinic noticed that I had a test last year and told me that it would not be covered again until the first of next year.I was so appreciative that they did that.Otherwise I would have been billed.Thanks to Juanita!

(Staff at Clinic )

I wanted to take a minute to share my experience with you.

Our newest daughter was born on October 17th (seems like yesterday).  I cannot tell you how much we appreciated the care and attention that the staff paid to our family and our tiny daughter.  

The OB was fairly busy on the day of our delivery and never once did any of the staff miss a beat.  Everyone from Housekeeping to the Nursing Staff, to the Nurse Manager made our visit the absolute best it could have been.  Ten years ago when our first daughter was born (at a different hospital) our experience was totally different and not nearly as good.

In particular Karen was everything I could every hope for in a nurse (my mother, wife and sister-in-law are all nurses so we are pretty familiar with how things work) she was professional, attentive, courteous and above all competent.  She handled the delivery with grace and care.   She made my wife comfortable during her labor, no small feat.

We literally could have had the baby without a doctor present and I would have been entirely comfortable with the care that she provided. 

I sincerely hope that you will recognize Karen as well as any of the staff involved during the delivery and as we recovered.   Karen is an incredibly special person and a great nurse.  We cannot say enough about the care that we received here.

(Daughter born in OB )

I saw Dr. Malki.  I feel very comfortable with him.  I can tell him any problem.  He always extends his hand when coming in and addresses me before he leaves.

(Dr Malki is Great )

“My daughter was in the ER and I want to tell you about my experience. Cindy the nurse was magnificent. My daughter had never had a blood draw or an IV and she’s not easy to deal with. She was very apprehensive and scared to death. This woman was like an angel sent to care for my baby. She had her all calmed down and did the stick in about a second. She was very attentive to her. I know they were swamped but she kept coming in and giving her special attention. She made my baby feel comfortable and we felt safe and comfortable with her care. After she got the IV she needed to go to the bathroom a lot and Cindy came in every time and took care of it quickly and cheerfully. I didn’t feel like we were a burden, that we were cramping her style. Karrie Leigh, the doctor, was wonderful. She told my daughter what they had available for a snack and when my daughter didn’t know what a saltine was, she explained it to her. Then she herself went and brought her apple juice and graham crackers. They were all just really so good. I know there were other patients but I felt like we were so special. We had excellent treatment. If I could choose the team to care for me, I would want last night’s team.” Now that’s what I call a day brightener.

(Great Care in ER )

I just wanted to thank your afternoon shift employees that took the extra time on November 30th to make a cheese and mushroom omelet for a patient that was in the ED. The patient was going to be transferred to a nursing home, and had kind of a long wait, and all she wanted to eat was a cheese and mushroom omelet. When I called with the request, the woman answering the phone told me that it would be no problem. I went to pick up the omelet, and found out that Elda had stayed a few minutes extra to make the omelet! The patient and her family were very appreciative!

 Thank You!

(Omelet )

I just want to tell you how your 2nd floor surgical staff made my daughter's wish come true!!! As I told you @ 6:40 A.M. yesterday I asked the nurse if there was any way I could go to my daughter's choir concert. She said she would ask. She came back to my room at 7:20 A.M. and told me I was going!!! I could not believe it!!!!The concert was at 7:30 pm so at 6:00 pm the process began....They made sure my vital signs were recorded and my IV in my arm was taken care of. They even made a special cover for my foot so it would not get cold...complete with pink tape!!

My daughter did not see me until she got on stage. She had the biggest smile !! I have never heard her sing better or louder!!! After the concert she ran to me and started to cry. She asked me how I had been able to come to the concert and I told her what the girls had done. She also could not believe it. It was a very special moment for my daughter & me!!!

There are no words that can express how much this meant to our family. In 15 years I have never missed any of her events I thought for sure this little setback might make me miss this concert but with the help & caring of the staff you have helped me keep my promise to her to not miss any of her events.

I have been cared for like family. Anything I have needed they have gotten me. They have treated me with compassion, care and respect. I could not ask for better care!!!! The food is excellent also!!You can be very proud of your staff!!  I have attached a picture of my daughter.

(Going to Concert! , Sterling, IL )

The people on the Medical Floor are the nicest people there are.

(Medical Floor! )


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