Patient Comments

Great care in the ED: compliments and kudos

 “I’m writing to say how truly thankful (I am) to your ER staff. The night my husband was transported to your hospital I was very reluctant and nervous… because I work for the competition. When we arrived we were greeted with open arms and I felt very comfortable with all the staff. Everyone was very comforting and very professional. I knew he was in very serious condition but I knew everything would be done to help him. When Dr. Mench first came to me I felt very at ease and I knew he was working with the best of his ability to do everything he could to help my husband. I Knew my husband was in a grave situation. Dr. Mench was so very understanding. The staff in the ER was so wonderful when the time came that my husband was not going to be leaving the ER alive. They respected my privacy when I needed it. The staff contacted other family members when I could not. The time I needed to spend with my husband after he had passed will always be remembered. I want to give special thanks to Kim Crowe and Chris Miller for their great work that night. They did an awesome job with Bob and my family. I am truly grateful for their compassion and professionalism towards my husband and family. Thank you all again for all your hard work.”


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