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Most Wired Award 2011

Most Wired Award 2011

CGH Medical Center has been recognized as one of the nation's Most Wired hospitals in the small and rural category, according to the results of the 2011 Most Wired Survey released in the July issue of the American Hospital Associations Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN) magazine. 

The hospital is one of only 25 small and rural hospitals across the country to receive this prestigious recognition.


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"This is an honorable distinction for a hospital of our size and exemplifies our commitment to the communities we serve," said Ed Andersen, CGH President and CEO. "By replacing traditional processes with advanced electronic alternatives, we strive to deliver safer, more efficient care for our patients every day."

The technology and programs contributing to CGH's Most Wired Hospital recognition are the result of nearly a decade of work and commitment. "The hospital began switching from paper to electronic medical records in 2003," said Ray Sharp, CGH Chief Information Officer. "Now, we have received this distinction not just because of the efforts of our CIS (Computer Information Systems) or Clinical Transformation departments, but because of the efforts of everyone in the hospital. Ed (Andersen) and the CGH Board of Directors have provided great leadership and vision towards this recognition."

According to Hospitals & Health Networks 2011 Most Wired Survey, the nation's Most Wired hospitals are making progress towards greater health information technology (IT) adoption. CGH has accomplished this through the use of:

  • Electronic Imaging: a system of filmless x-rays and all digital imaging
  • Electronic Medical Records: CGH nurses, providers and physicians are able to create, share and readily access information about specific patients
  • Portable Computer Workstations: From portable computer workstations, nurses, providers and physicians with appropriate security credentials can access patient information right at the bedside
  • Electronic Medication Scanning: Using a barcode scanner , nurses can scan the patient?s wristband, then the medication, verifying that it is the right patient, right medication and right dose, every time
  • Internet for Families and Guest Wi-Fi: Provides online access to families and patients within the hospital
  • Real-Time Voice Wireless Communication System (VOCERA): A wireless way for hospital staff and physicians within the hospital to locate and talk to each other without relying on overhead paging or telephones
  • Electronic Ordering System: Lets physicians and clinicians in the Emergency Department place orders digitally for lab work, imaging, tests and prescriptions. By the end of the year, the hospital plans to implement Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry throughout the hospital.

"We've spent years investing in our technology testing it, developing it, working with every level of clinical and technical expert in our system, and we will continue to do so," said Andersen. "The future of healthcare is happening now at CGH, and that future is better, safer care for every patient that comes through our doors."


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