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Living History Program

Living History Program

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At CGH Medical Center, we try to do things better. One way we are working to attain this goal is through the Living History Program.

The Living History is about who you are and what you have done. We know that people do not always want to just talk about their health. We also know that everyone is not skilled at making small talk.  The Living History gives those who care for you basic information to help them connect with you and talk with you about the things that are most important to you.

Why does CGH offer this program?

A Living History tells us things of interest about you.  It allows us to care for a different side of you. Sometime the things we find out about people help us to be more compassionate.

Is this program for everyone?

We have developed a method of identifying patients who might be appropriate for this program.  These are patients who may be in our hospital for an extended period, or others who may have a condition that leads to more than one stay with us.

Will my information remain private?

Rest assured everything you tell us is always confidential.  We treat this just like your private medical history. 

We think showing you how much we value as a person is important.  The Living History is one way we can do this. We hope you will notice a difference in your care.


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