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LifeStyle Medicine

LifeStyle Medicine

LifeStyle Medicine is a 4-week course that meets once a week for three hours. The class size is limited to 10 students to ensure that you get maximum results from attending.

You will learn How to Eat and How to Exercise to lose pounds of unhealthy fat, shed those unwanted inches, improve your health and appearance, and increase your energy levels without buying special foods, following complicated diets, or enduring long, boring, and dangerous exercise routines. Your nutritional and exercise programs will be specifically designed to fit your goals, needs, desires and conform to your busy lifestyle and your current health and physical activity levels. This class is open to anyone who desires and needs to improve their health, their body, and their quality of life.

For additional information or to enroll in an upcoming class, please call Bryan at (815) 625-0400, ext. 1057, or fax a referral from your health care provider to Alice at (815) 622-9486, or email us here.

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