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Hospitalist Program

Hospitalist Program

If you're hospitalized at CGH Medical Center, your care may be directed by a hospitalist... a physician whose sole responsibility is the care of hospitalized patients, from the time they are admitted until the time they are discharged.

The hospitalist program was implemented in January of 2008.  Our hospitalists include: Nancy Tran, MDCordus Easington, MD, PhD, Greg Goska, MDAshok Maini, MD, Mia McDermott, APN, NP-C, Kalpesh Patel, MD  and  Navneesh Sharma, MD. "These physicians have the skills and expertise needed to meet the unique needs of hospitalized patients and their loved ones," said Dr. Paul Steinke, CEO. "Our hospitalist program is one more example of how CGH is always working to enhance patient care."

Patient Advantages

For patients, being treated by a hospitalist offers many advantages:

  • Availability: Because hospitalists only treat people staying in the hospital, they are readily available to patients and family members. They can answer all your questions, and they are knowledgeable about services at CGH Medical Center.
  • Consistency: Hospitalists can help achieve a smooth, speedy recovery by following up on tests, adjusting treatments throughout the day as necessary, and serving as a centralized resource for information throughout your hospital stay.
  • Communication: The hospitalist keeps your primary care physician (PCP) up-to-date on any changes in your condition. Your PCP can contact the hospitalist at any time during your stay to learn about your progress.

"Our hospitalists know that the key to providing quality care is excellent communication," said Steinke. "That's why they stay in close contact with your primary care physician throughout your stay."

Download our full brochure and physician information here.

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