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Congestive Heart Failure Program

Congestive Heart Failure Program

Leanne Blase, CHF Coordinator ~ (815) 625-0400, ext. 4426

CGH Medical Center's Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) program provides specialized nursing care and education for patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The program's goal is to help patients understand their condition and how to manage their health while preventing the need for hospital readmission. The CHF treatment regimen begins with education for patients when they have been admitted to the hospital with CHF symptoms or have a history of CHF. Within three days of discharge, the CHF nurse coordinator begins working with patients via weekly phone calls about  their:

  • Daily weight
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Signs or symptoms of CHF
  • Activity level and amount of exercise In addition, patients determined to be at highest risk of being readmitted to the hospital will see a cardiology nurse practitioner at the outpatient CHF Clinic.

Click to download the complete Congestive Heart Failure Patient Guide.


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