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Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac Catheterization

We know our cath lab saves lives. That's why we have opened a second cathlab... to expand our capability to provide the best in lifesaving cardiology services.

Imaging technology has changed - for the better.  That's why the CGH Cardiac Catheterization Lab uses the most advanced vascular diagnostic tool available. Exceptionally detailed images enable physicians to see and work in even the smallest vessels, unveiling coronary and cerebral blockages, enhancing cardiac interventions - and often preventing surgery. Life-saving solutions span from stent and angioplasty procedures to pacemaker implanting, all requiring minimal recovery time.

Our board-certified cardiologists are equipped with new capabilities. 

Dr. Steven Mackay Dr. Thomas Kurian Dr. Eyas Youssef Dr. Rajan Gopal

Interventional Cardiologist

Interventional Cardiologist

Interventional Cardiologist


The CGH cardiology team are all highly-skilled cardiac specialists who have trained at some of the world's most renowned medical centers. Their expertise, teamed with innovative technology, is broadening CGH's scope of cardiac intervention and doing more to help patients prevent heart attacks and strokes.

These catheter-based procedures enhance therapeutic results and reduce the risks and recovery time, resulting in shorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries, less pain, smaller incisions, and minimal surgical scarring.   

For more information on available treatments and catheterization procedures, call (815) 625-0400, ext. 4800, or email us here.

Front, seated: Alice Vetter, Director Cardiology Services

Frow standing (left to right): David Wolf, RRT; Laurie Swearingen, RRT; Greta Wasson, RRT; Dr. Maxwell; Dr. Mackay; Dr. Kurian; Dr. Youssef, Julie Schwenk, HUC/CAN

Back Row (left to right): Alyshia Sleck, RN; Trisha Harden, RRT; Danelle Saunders, RN; Karen Coffman, RN; Dawn Hartman, RN; Lori Cousins, RN; John Cousins, RRT; (in front of John – Ariel Keomany, RN); Valerie Sigafus, RN, Assistant Manager; Ashley Ordean, RRT


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