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Charity Assistance Packet (2-5-2013)
Forms and scale for financial assistance

Concussions: The Hidden Injury (8-20-2012)
Train of thoughts needs re-training article, published in the Sauk Valley Weekend on July 7, 2012.

Financial Assistance Scale (2-7-2014)
Table of eligibility for financial assistance effective January 22, 2014

Headache Disability Questionaire (10-31-2011)
Headache Disability Questionaire (for Chiropractic)

Health Information Release - Clinic (3-10-2014)
Health Information Release Form to obtain medical records

Health Information Release - Hospital (11-11-2010)
Health Information Release form to obtain medical records from hospital

HIPAA Privacy (9-9-2010)
HIPAA Privacy

IHSA makes adjustments (8-20-2012)
State rules provide foundation for growth in athletes safety June 9, 2012 Sauk Valley Weekend

Loan Application (11-19-2010)


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