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Catch 22 Continued... (8-20-2012)
Also published on June 23, 2012 includes articles: The Young and the Reckless, and It's not 'all in your head'-concussion misconceptions

CGH Clinic and Hospital Rehabilitation Services Merge (6-14-2013)
CGH Rehab Services now available at one convenient place!

CGH Helping Hands Daycare Forms Manual (7-16-2015)
Rates and Registration for CGH Helping Hands Daycare

CGH Helping Hands Daycare Handbook (7-16-2015)
Information, Hours & Requirements

CGH Home Nursing Brochure (3-7-2016)
A description of services provided by CGH Home Nursing.

CGH program sheds light on darkness of concussions (8-20-2012)
CGH Sports Concussion article published in Sauk Valley Weekend, April 21, 2012

CGH Stent Article (9-9-2010)
CGH Communique Stent Article - CGH becomes first hospital in Illinois to offer stent technology

Chaplaincy Brochure (11-29-2010)
Brochure about your spiritual care at CGH.

Children's Eye Exams & Glasses (11-11-2010)
Children's Eye Exams & Glasses

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