Brochures & Articles

2013 CGH Directory Clinic (8-7-2013)
A directory map and extensions for the CGH Main Clinic

2013 CGH Directory Hospital (8-7-2013)
A map and extensions for CGH Medical Center.

Advanced Care Directives (11-11-2010)
Advanced Care Directives

Arctic Sun Article (11-22-2010)
Cooling the body to Save the Brain

Asthma Program Brochure (11-11-2010)
Asthma Program Brochure

Barrett's Esophagus Brochure (9-9-2011)
Information on Barret's Esophagus and the ablation option.

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Community Classes

2012 Blood Pressure Blood Sugar Screenings (4-24-2012)
2012 Blood Pressure Blood Sugar Screenings flyer

2012 Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings (1-1-2012)
Dates and times for 2012 Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings

2013 Blood Pressure and Glucose Screenings (12-27-2012)
Flyer of the 2013 Blood Pressure and Glucose Screenings

2013 Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings (12-27-2012)
Flyer for 2013 Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings

2013 Growing Healthier Schedule (4-15-2013)
The 2013 list of events for the Growing Healthier Community Health Education Series

2013 Growing Healthier Schedule (1-30-2013)
Each time you attend a Growing Healthier program, you earn one entry into the drawing for $500.

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Accidental Injury Form (10-31-2011)
Accidental Injury Form for Chiropractic

Accidental Injury Form (Part 2) (10-31-2011)
Chiropractic form

Advance Directives / DNR Form (9-9-2010)
The official Illinois Department of Public Health Advance Care Directives (DNR) Form

Advance Directives / Power of Attorney for Health Care (10-27-2010)
Illinois Statutory Short Form for Power of Attorney for Health Care

Advanced Directives / Living Will Declaration (9-9-2010)
Simple Living Will Form

Authorization to Release Health Information (2-2-2015)
Authorization to Release Health Information

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Foundation Brochures & Forms

2013 Employee Pledge Form (2-21-2013)
Support the CGH Health Foundation's 2013 Annual Appeal. Download the 2013 Employee Pledge Form today!

2014 Annual Appeal Brochure (9-24-2014)
"We are changing lives and saving lives. Can we count on you for help?" - Roger Wait, Campaign General Chair and Foundation Trustee. Find out more! Download the brochure.

2014 Annual Appeal Pledge Card (9-24-2014)
Your partner in good health! Partner today with the CGH Health Foundation to support good health for our community. Your giving stays local. Thank you for your support!

Employee Pledge Card (3-6-2014)
2014 employee pledge card

Flower Sale Pre-Order Form (3-24-2011)
Pre-order your flowers for the 2011 CGH Health Foundation Flower Sale

Growing Healthier Event Flyer (1-12-2015)
2015 Winter/Spring speakers. January through March.

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Healthy Recipes

Lime Shrimp Kebobs (5-14-2014)
Skip the beef burgers—liven up your next BBQ with these zesty shrimp kebobs!

Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes (11-1-2011)
Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Oven Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms (11-1-2011)
Oven Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms

Pumpkin Black Bean Soup (10-4-2011)
Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup

Spiced Up Succotash (11-1-2011)
Spiced Up Succotash

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries (10-4-2011)
Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

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OB Class Flyers & Forms

Breast Feeding Class 2014 (11-11-2013)
For parents who want to give their baby the best start. Everything you need to know about beginning breast feeding. Please sign up for classes as soon as possible. 2014 Schedule: Call for dates. 815-625-0400, ext. 5504 Location: OB Classroom

Maternity Pre-Admisssion Form (11-1-2010)
Maternity Pre-Admisssion Form

OB Letter - Form 1 (11-9-2010)
Patient Instructions

OB Letter - Form 2 (11-9-2010)
Patient Instructions

OB Letter - SelfPay (11-9-2010)
Patient Instructions

Prenatal and Breastfeeding Classes 2014 (11-11-2013)
Prenatal classes are for Moms in the second half of pregnancy and their coaches. These classes focus on the labor and delivery process. Discussion involves care of the mom at home in early labor, and pain management available at the hospital with epidural anesthesia. A tour of the Birthing Center is given. Get the scoop at CGH on the Birthing Center’s transition to Baby Friendly. You will learn how to help you and your baby adjust to life after birth. You will learn to recognize some of the cues your baby will give you. Those cues will help you recognize what your baby needs.

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Open Meeting Agendas & Minutes

A Notice of Meetings (12-29-2014)
A Notice of Meetings

Board Agenda - Current Month (2-20-2015)
Board Agenda

Board Minutes - 01-2015 January (2-26-2015)
Board Minutes Jan 2015

Board Minutes - 02-2014 February (2-4-2014)
Board Minutes 02-2014 February

Board Minutes - 03-2014 March (4-30-2014)
Board Minutes March 2014

Board Minutes - 04-2014 April (4-30-2014)
Board Minutes April 2014

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Patient Instructions

Anesthesia Consent (3-17-2011)
Consent for Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia Patient Questionnaire (3-15-2011)
Anesthesia Form

Barium Enema (11-9-2010)
Patient Instructions

Bladder Health Questionnaire (6-20-2012)
Bladder Health Questionnaire for urinary incontinence patients

Bone Density/DEXA scan (7-18-2013)
Patient Instructions

Cath Lab Instructions (11-9-2010)
Patient Instructions

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PR & Advertising

Andy Moore - Cardiac Cath/Rehab (11-12-2010)
Cardiac cath team provides heartwarming care.

Bob Sondgeroth - Critical Care Unit (11-12-2010)
Critical care for Bob’s dad...comfort for his whole family.

Laurie Byvick - Community Services and LifeStyle Medicine (11-12-2010)
CGH helped Laurie take control of her health.

Maggie - CGH Birthing Center (11-12-2010)
Maggie wanted a wonderful birth experience…and CGH delivered.

Patty Young - Surgery (11-12-2010)
Surgery at CGH helped Patty bloom again.


2014 Dr. Carmelo Interone Healthcare Scholarship (12-17-2013)
Application for 2014 Dr. Carmelo Interone Healthcare Scholarship

2014 Rachel Burr- John Kellen Memorial Scholarship Application (12-17-2013)
Application for the 2014 Rachel Burr - John Kellen Memorial Scholarship

2015 CGH Health Foundation Nursing and Healthcare Scholarship (2-5-2015)
Scholarship application for 2015 CGH Health Foundation Scholarships. Deadline April 1, 2015.

Scholarship 2015 Auxiliary Part I (2-2-2015)
Letter to Student

Scholarship 2015 Auxiliary Part II (2-2-2015)


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