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CGH: Encircling Care for Children (2-20-2013)
Your child is special and deserves the very best in healthcare. That’s why CGH encircles you and your children with exceptional care. This video shows our continuum of pediatric services for your family.

CGH Wound Center (6-6-2011)
There's over 6 million Americans suffering from a wound that wont heal. Visit the CGH Wound Center if you are suffering from a wound.

Personal best, share a goal of excellence (6-6-2011)
All CGH staff share their goal of excellence with everyone they encounter - patients and coworkers.

Personal Best, Nothing Less! (6-6-2011)
CGH Medical Center is committed to creating a culture of "always" - giving their personal best for every patient, every day!

CGH Medical Center: Our Personal Best (4-13-2011)
All CGH staff are committed to the highest quality of care for their patients.

CGH Personal Best -- Medication Safety (4-13-2011)
Medication safety is a priority for all staff displaying their personal best. Check it out!

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