Nancy Bushong, Auxiliary Volunteer with Most Hours, Retires


On September 14, 1993, when Nancy Bushong began volunteering for the CGH Auxiliary, her initial goal was 1,000 hours a year. Through August of 2012 her total volunteer hours were 17,887. “I just like it all here,” said Bushong, “if I can help just one person that is my pay.” Nancy worked pouring cement for 37 years prior to volunteering for CGH. She said that a lady from her church suggested that she get involved. So she signed up for the CGH Auxiliary. When she arrived for her first shift in Surgical Waiting, she did not know what to do. Sue Clark, RN, Surgical, helped show Nancy what to do. At the end of her first shift, Nancy asked Sue, “Did I do it right?” Sue replied, “You did a good job.” Four months later, the volunteer chairperson quit. Nancy went to the coordinator and told her, “I am a greenhorn and I don’t know nothing, but I will do it until you get a new chairperson.” She got a list of names and phone numbers and coordinated the volunteers for when and where to work. Still today, she is waiting for them to get a chair person. “Nancy has been a dedicated and valuable volunteer for many years,” said Ed Andersen, CGH President and CEO. “What is most laudable was the number of hours she put in every year. It was not just a little time every week, but it was almost every day. She was a model for dedication to helping those in need of medical attention at CGH.” Many gifts and tokens of appreciation have been showered on Bushong as she prepares to step down from volunteering. For her birthday, someone brought in cupcakes. This has meant a lot to her. She comments with tears in her eyes, “I have never been treated this way. I really appreciate it. I don’t know how to thank them.” Others had many nice things to say about this dedicated volunteer. “I worked with Nancy Bushong for 13 years,” said Tita Roach, Patient Advocate and former Auxiliary Coordinator. “She paid for ‘goodies’ for the Surgical Waiting Room out of her own pocket for years. That exemplifies her giving, caring nature. She . . . could be counted on for any project that came up. Nancy is a GREAT VOLUNTEER!” Nancy Bushong is retiring due to health reasons. She hopes to still see faces she recognizes in the community. Her chairperson volunteer schedule for October is already made out. “I’ve enjoyed the years I’ve put in here,” said Bushong. “I wonder where they went. I know I’m gonna miss it.” “Nancy’s goal each day she came to volunteer was to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Deb Keaschall, Auxiliary Coordinator. “I believe she accomplished this many times over! Thank you Nancy!”


Pictured clockwise from left are Angie Knox (Assistant Director, Patient Access)), Ed Andersen (President and CEO), Nancy Bushong, Deb Keaschall (Volunteer Coordinator), Tita Roach (Patient Advocate), and MaryAnn Hardt (Office Assistant, Patient Relations).


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