CGH seeks Congressional Support for H.R. 5943


STERLING, IL, October 1, 2012 ­– On September 13, 2012, CGH Medical Center President and CEO, Ed Andersen and CGH Vice President of Clinical Services, Dr. Paul Steinke, traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Illinois Senators and Representatives for support regarding H.R. 5943: Rural Hospital Access Act of 2012.

This legislation would continue to recognize CGH Medical Center and 220 other rural hospitals as a Medicare-dependent hospitals (MDH).  Congress created the status of Medicare-dependent hospital (MDH) in 1987, to recognize and support small rural hospitals for which Medicare patients make up a significant percentage of inpatient days or discharges. This greater dependence on Medicare makes these hospitals more financially vulnerable to prospective payment, and the MDH designation is designed to reduce this risk.


“This is an important issue for health care in our community,” said Andersen, “because it will continue to provide an additional $2.8 million Medicare funding. It recognizes that CGH cares for a very high percentage of Medicare recipients.”


A hospital qualifies for the MDH program by meeting all of the following criteria:

1. It is located in a rural area.

2. It has no more than 100 beds.

3. It has at least 60 percent of inpatient days or discharges covered by Medicare.


The House bill was introduced on June 8, 2012 and sponsored by Rep. Tom Reed II [R-NY29].  It currently has 58 cosponsors including: Rep. Don Manzullo [R-IL 16], Rep. Bobby Schilling [R-IL 17] and Rep. Adam Kinzinger [R-IL 11].


“We are grateful that Representative Schilling agreed to cosponsor this legislation,” stated Andersen, “and that he understands the importance of health care in rural communities.”


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