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The Twin Cities of Sterling and Rock Falls are located in the heart of the Sauk Valley, an area with a strong agrarian heritage. But the skyline indicates its movement toward industry which has earned the moniker of "Hardware Capitol of America."  Area Facts

Located on the eastern edge of Whiteside County, the two towns have a total population of 24,801. Whiteside County's population of just over 60,000 has made Sterling/Rock Falls a retail center for the 103,000 people living in the surrounding area.

Conveniently located in northwestern Illinois, the Twin Cities are easily accessible via Interstate 88, a major interstate highway connection to Chicago and the Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities. Chicago is only 114 miles from the Twin Cities. The Quad Cities and Rockford are each only 55 miles away. Sterling and Rock Falls are also served by the Whiteside County Airport with available connections to Chicago's O'Hare and Midway. The Quad Cities and Rockford airports also have major air connections.

Raising a family and Sterling/Rock Falls go hand in hand. Families find many activities that revolve around the schools and churches in our community. Sterling is served by a unit school, K through 12. Rock Falls has a dual system with six elementary schools, a junior high and high school. There also are six parochial schools in the area. The Whiteside Area Career Center, located in Sterling, offers training for high school students from the surrounding area. Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon, serves as a stepping stone to four-year colleges and is well known for its nursing program.

Our scenic Sauk Valley was carved out by the Rock River that now acts as the catalyst for many outdoor recreational activities.

Few communities the size of the Twin Cities have finer recreational and sports facilities. Served by the river, two park districts and a variety of public and private facilities, area residents can find a recreational outlet regardless of their sports and leisure interests.

To keep abreast of area activities, the area offers two newspapers and six radio stations.

No other community the size of these companion communities can offer more in the way of recreation, schools, medical services and quality of life.

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