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Don't miss a beat! Get your HeartCheck today! It's easy, fast and painless.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death today... clogging vital arteries in silence. Are you prepared? You can be.  Let HeartCheck of the Rock River Valley examine your heart health. Using our LightSpeed CT scanner, computerized heart scans give doctors fast, clear pictures of clogged arteries in response to chest pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other cardiovascular concerns.

HeartCheck enables early detection of heart disease.


Scans of your heart provide an accurate view of how much calcium buildup exists in your arteries. Lasting 15 short minutes, the test gives your cardiologist essential information about your heart health - allowing you to make positive lifestyle changes if you're found to be at risk. Safe and painless, HeartCheck of the Rock River Valley is performed just like a traditional x-ray - no tubes and no injections. If an urgent blockage or condition is detected, CGH physicians can quickly respond to address the concern.

For more information on cardiac scoring or to make an appointment, call (815) 625-0400, ext. 5550.

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