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CT Services

CT Services

We picked the best imaging technology to enhance diagnostics.

Proven technology combined with innovative thinking can blossom into even better technology. Take CT scans, for example. Commonly used for diagnostics, our current 16-ring CT scanner offers superior images that help radiologists detect life-threatening illnesses. When more advanced diagnostics are necessary, such as cardiac CT angiography, CGH also offers its new cutting-edge 64-ring LightSpeed VCT scanner. With this advanced imaging equipment, scans are performed faster and with greater resolution and precision.

3-D imaging for more accurate results.

The LightSpeed VCT changes and improves the way anatomy is scanned. Producing four times the number of cross-sectional images than commonly used CT scanners, the LightSpeed VCT forms a three-dimensional view of the patient's anatomy. It can also scan a larger part of the body at one time. The result is clearer, more comprehensive images for better detection of heart disease, cancer and other medical conditions. This groundbreaking technology that enables CGH to provide the highest level of CT-based diagnostics available.

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