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Imaging Center: General Xray, CT, MRI, Mammography

Imaging Center: General Xray, CT, MRI, Mammography

"In this field, the patient comes first - always. Our radiologists and techs understand this, and I believe that's what makes us such an outstanding imaging department. I'm proud to be part of such a great team."

Imaging Devices That Can Actually Diagnose And Determine Risk. Imagine That.

CGH has over 70 technologists available to perform some of the most advanced diagnostic tests in the area. In addition to providing the more common x-ray imaging, CGH is proud to offer many imaging procedures. Imaging continues to make huge advances in technology, and CGH is committed to having only the best state-of-the-art equipment available for the diagnostic procedures for our patients.

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CGH Imaging Center Features:

  • Simple check-in procedures - outpatient registration process
  • Insurance verification and authorization
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Superior quality, state-of-the-art equipment and scanners
  • Filmless results (fully digital now) available on CD or electronically transmitted
  • Open and comfortable room designs
  • Same-day service for emergencies
  • A registered staff technologist is always on call for after-hour emergencies
  • Specialized, Licensed MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine technologists - Board Certified Radiologist available daily
  • Friendly personal service
  • Services located at CGH Medical Center, CGH Main Clinic, CGH Dixon Clinic and CGH Morrison Clinic and Vision Center
  • Accommodates all age groups
  • CGH offers professional service, quality outcomes, and in most cases, 1-2 day appointment times

Other CGH Imaging Services include:

Nuclear Medical Imaging

This advanced dual-head camera can follow the path of an isotope that is injected into the bloodstream of the patient, making it easy to detect many abnormalities and diseases such as bone cancer, gallbladder disease, lung scans for cancer and emphysema. After the scan, the isotope breaks down and leaves the body naturally. Diagnostic results are available in about eight hours. Now available with 4 slice CT for excellent resolution for SPECT imaging. Learn more?

Ultrasound Imaging

This easy, safe and painless process is radiation free and provides images by sending out a series of sonic beeps. As the beeps bounce back, they send digital images that are instantaneous and can be read during the procedure. This is a quick and easy way to get images of pregnancies, heart, and abdominal organs.


This easy, safe and invaluable screening for bone density provides women of all ages quick and precise results.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Department (DID) is now 100% filmless; no more big sheets of x-ray, CT or MRI film over a large, bulky lightbox. All images are now generated and stored digitally via our PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). In emergency situations, radiologists can view results on their computers at home, saving valuable time. Results can even be easily and securely transferred to other physician offices.

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