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Foundation Programs

Foundation Programs


Allows all programs to be adequately funded.

Community Health Network

NEW! CGH is reaching out to individuals who are chronically ill to provide health assistance in the home and to implement coaching measures to prevent hopitalization.

Love on a Leash Dog Therapy Program

Carefully selected dogs and handlers visit patients to offer comfort, companionship and other health benefits. Click here to learn more.

Cardiac Wellness/Workplace Wellness

Heart/stroke/smoking education for the community and businesses ranks as highest priority; includes cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose screenings.

Eyeglasses for Kids Program

Free eyeglasses for financially eligible school-age children in our five-county service area. Almost 2,100 children have received a free eye exam and eyeglasses since the program started in 1995. Area school nurses are our link to finding youth who are eligible for this valuable service. Click here to learn more.

Nutrition & Fitness Initiative

An educational effort to encourage children and adults to alter their lifestyles through increased physical activity and making healthy food choices.

Changing lifestyles one child, one family, one school, one community at a time. This initiative offers: Centennial Learning Garden Project, Women Out Walking, cooking demonstrations, Strong Women, Strong Bones class, "Fresh Fridays" in the schools, health education booths in the workplace and schools, Intergenerational Cooking Club and the CATCH Program at area schools.

Lung Cancer Prevention Program 

A continued effort to help individuals quit smoking and raise awareness about the dangers of second-hand smoke, includes monthly smoking cessation classes.

Prescott Dental Clinic

Low-cost dental care for children and adults. Joint effort with the Whiteside County Health Department. The clinic provides services for children and adults who meet income guidelines. The Foundation provides support for daily supplies.

Nursing and Healthcare Scholarships

Nursing and healthcare scholarships in the amount of $30,000 for 25 local youth/adults attending college. 

Women's Cancer Prevention Program

Year-round breast/gynecologic cancer education and services, including financial assistance for mammograms, Pap tests and physician visits. Includes Two-for-One Mammogram promotion; voucher program for under-served with major partners Team Underwires and Whiteside County Health Department.  Click here to learn more about cancer care and area resources.


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