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Community Schedules

Community Schedules

Creating A Healthier Community

Caring & Compassion

We treat those we serve and one another with concern, kindness and respect. CGH Community Services offers prevention through education and screening, and through funding from the CGH Health Foundation. We are committed to promoting awareness, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility to create a community which is safe, healthy and productive for our neighbors.

Classes, seminars, screenings, and support groups to help you learn about your health!

Blood Pressure & Glucose Screenings

2015 Blood Pressure & Glucose Screenings


Blood pressure and glucose checks performed free in several community locations.

Cholesterol & Glucose Screenings

2015 Cholesterol & Glucose Screenings

COST: $30

A screening blood test, using the Cholestech System, with immediate results right on the spot! Requires only a finger stick, with results in just minutes.  Appointments are required.  Call 625-0400, ext. 5716, for an appointment, location and fasting instructions.

Community Services Staff

  • Terry Durham, RN - Community Health Education Nurse
  • Connie VonHolten, RN - Cardiovascular Wellness and Parish Nurse Coordinator
  • Sherry DeWalt - Community Health Educator
  • Joan Hermes - CGH Health Foundation Director
  • Amanda Blaine - CGH Health Foundation Assistant
  • Marci Osborn - Workplace Wellness Resource Nurse

If you have any questions or suggestions for seminars, please feel free to email Community Services here.


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