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Mammographer Accreditations/Certifications:

American College of Radiology Food and Drug Administration

Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

Digital Mammography

CGH Medical Center uses GE Senocare Mammo units that are full digital systems. GE digital mammography systems have been designed to help users to see more than in analog mammography with an improved throughput and a better overall patient care. GE also provides a set of powerful review tools enhancing the diagnosis process thanks to high quality imaging; along with a complete range of mobile digital mammography devices.

"We are very pleased that women of the Sauk Valley will have access to the very latest state-of-the-art technology when getting their mammograms," says Dr. Jeffrey LeMay, OB/Gyn Department.

The procedure for a digital mammogram is the same as for a conventional film mammogram; however, the images are available almost immediately, and can be readily transferred to a CD. They can be electronically viewed, transmitted and stored. The images are easily enlarged and enhanced to aid in review. According to Dr. Thomas McGlone, Surgeon, "The digital images improve care and decrease the number of repeat films needed for our breast care patients. The quality of the images is remarkable when compared with previous methods of breast cancer screening. The mammograms are easily viewed in the exam room at the time of patient consultation, in surgery or for comparison with previous films".

According to the American Cancer Society, 96 percent of women who find and treat breast cancer early will be cancer-free after five years. Call today to schedule your digital mammogram: (815) 625-0400 (ext. 5550)

Mammography Instructions

1. Avoid scheduling your mammogram during times of the month when your breasts are more tender.

2. Do not wear deodorant, powder, or lotions on your breasts to the exam.

3. Two-piece outfits are recommended since you will be undressing from the waist up.

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