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There is no age for hearing well.

Audiologists Laurie Zollinger and Mary Martin

Combined 52 years of experience in the community.

CGH's Clinical Audiologists, Dr. Laurie Zollinger and Dr. Mary Martin, are specialists in the assessment and treatment of hearing and vestibular disorders. Assessments include a variety of instruments and test procedures, depending on symptoms and needs. They work with all age groups from infants to seniors.

In the treatment of hearing loss, the Audiologists may recommend hearing aids. Hearing aids are easy to operate and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Many of the new aids have accessories to help patients hear computers and televisions better. The Audiologists work closely with patients, family, and caregivers to find the best aids to fit the needs of each patient. Hearing aids are dispensed with a six-week trial period. Payment plans are available. The Audiologists will refer patients back to their Primary Care Physicians, or to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist when medically indicated.

Our goal is to help the patient hear better, allowing one to enjoy life more and feel safer. Hearing aid batteries, repairs, accessories, custom earplugs, ear monitors and hearing protective devices are available.

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Dizziness, Vertigo, Imbalance

Patients experiencing dizziness or imbalance are tested to determine if the cause is ear related. On many occasions, the Audiologist can treat the dizziness during the evaluation process. Other times, a referral to a physician for further medical consultation or referral to physical therapy for vestibular rehabilitation is completed.

Our Audiologists also perform noise surveys and manage OSHA hearing conservation programs.

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