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The Crane

The Crane

At CGH, a whopping big crane delivered building materials from street side to build the North Wing addition, which now houses a new obstetrics unit among other things.

We received more comments and questions from the public about the crane than any other aspect of the building project during 2008.

Name: Robello Hydraulic Crawler Crane CK2500

Weight: Approximately 485,000 lbs.

Length: 370 feet

Generally known as a crawler mounted, fully revolving crane, it can lift up to 118,000 pounds. The boom is the first section which attaches to the crawler unit. It extends up to 200 feet and has an operating range of motion from 20 to 74 degrees. The jib connects to the boom and extends from 70 to a maximum of 170 feet. It also has a 20' 75 degree range of operating motion.

This amazing device was delivered by the C.D. Smith Construction Company, general contractors for the building project. They told us that there are very few like it in the world.



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