CGH Clinics

Each CGH Clinic is devoted to offering you and your family members access to high-quality healthcare that's just around the corner from wherever you live. Depending on the clinic you choose, you can receive care for a wide range of conditions, including acute illnesses, diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy and geriatrics. In addition, we also provide the following services: immunizations, cholesterol and glucose screenings, Pap smears, otolaryngology, neonatology and obstetrics, optometry and vision care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, bone density screenings and EKGs.

Dedicated physicians can be found at every CGH Clinic, along with compassionate nursing teams and friendly, efficient support staff. Together, we are making sure healthier families and healthier communities are growing all around us.

Our Clinics are welcoming new patients and accepting all insurance plans. For more information or an appointment, call (815) 625-4790 or click here to learn more.

Spotlight On: Rashaan B. Friend, DO, MBS

From colonoscopies and colorectal cancer prevention, to the most advanced treatments available in the Sauk Valley, Dr. Rashaan B. Friend is trained to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of the digestive system. He specializes in gastroenterology and hepatology and is now accepting new patients in his office at the CGH Main Clinic in Sterling. Learn more »


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